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The way home

Lonesome Long Way Home is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Let’s rewind. Let’s trace your drunken steps back home. Jump across the raised channel bridge south-west of here. Fall over. Get up. Get off the asphalt in 20 minutes, shuffle your feet through courtyards, scaring little children. Go under the great raised motor-tract, the 8/81, until you reach le domaine éminent in North Jamrock. The streets are frozen this time of year, caked with ice. Walk down Main, to Perdition -- there’s a side alley there and your footprints in the mud...

Solution[ | ]

...here we go. Home awaits. Walk past Station 41 and through the market. Past the Boogie Street spearhead to the other side of the lake -- the frozen eye at the center of the district. Then past the video rental store on the corner. There, at the end of a street lined with pine trees: a small house, no larger than a matchbox. 11 Voyager Road. You no longer live there. Those times are gone, and so are those people. Why did you come here? Why are you still here? And where’s the dealer? You have to get back to work. That’s all you have now.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 6h 5m research time

Location[ | ]

  • Wonder where your home is and don't think that you are a hobo (otherwise you'd become a Hobocop and the two thoughts cannot coexist).