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Look for Ruby on the coast is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

Ruby was in the cinderblock village but left Monday. She could be anywhere on the peninsula, north of the village. Look inside the church. Ask around, there are people to the west of the mural. Or, I don't know... ask a girl on a date? Then ask her? Ask the wind maybe?

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Once you narrow the list of suspects down to Ruby, the Instigator, and ask about her in the fishing village, you need to find her in the expanse of Land's End. Easier said than done. To locate her, rather than comb through the entire length of the area, you need to pass the Shivers check (Impossible 20) when interacting with the Feld building mural. It is the only check in the entire game that Harry must pass. He can be a blubbering failure of a cop, unable to even examine the hanged body without vomiting, but Harry must pass the Shivers check to proceed to the end of the game.
  • As an essential part of the game, there are many ways to make the check easier, and to unlock it if Harry fails it:
    • +3 for internalizing The Bow Collector.
    • +3 for finding the empty trap while checking them for Morell.
    • +3 for hearing Lena's true story.
    • +3 for going out on a date with Lilienne Carter.
    • +3 for identifying the dead body at the boardwalk and delivering the news to the wife at the Capeside apartments.
    • +2 for using the payphone near the boardwalk fish market until you talk to Dora.
    • +2 for helping Andre establish the nightclub at the church.
    • +2 for helping Soona Luukanen-Kilde with her project and discovering the anomaly at the church.
    • +1 for finding Idiot Doom Spiral's jacket at the fish market and having it cleaned up at the fishing village.
    • +1 for using Visual Calculus to reconstruct the execution at the boardwalk entrance.
    • +1 for recovering your gun after confronting Marianne LePlante
  • Once you manage to complete the check, it will occur to you that it might be a good idea to check inside the building. This requires you to climb it, which is a 12 Savoir Faire check if you want to try teleporting there (mind over matter; Kim will soberly point out that you climbed the ladder with your eyes closed).
  • Once inside, you can explore freely, but going deeper into the northeastern tunnels will force a confrontation with Ruby, the Instigator. First let Kim in through the door to the southwest, which provides easy entrance into the basement of the Feld building.
  • Be sure to complete all outstanding Union and cryptozoology tasks before finding Ruby. Doing so will begin a series of endgame sequences, locking off access to the harbor and many assorted characters (including Evrart Claire, Joyce Messier, Klaasje, and the cryptozoologists) and affecting much of Martinaise.
  • Ruby will ambush you with a white noise generator. Cover your ears (it doesn't work, but it's smarter than not doing so), then you can get some answers out of her. If you pass a (pain threshold) check, you can topple the generator, but keep in mind that this will end the dialogue immediately. Unless you intervene (Rhetoric 12) and let her go, Ruby will shoot herself. You can also let her go after exhausting all the options. Kim will actually agree that this was a good decision - and most importantly, you'll get new clues that show Klaasje is just manipulating you.
  • Read Ruby's Journal once you're done, then make your way back to the Whirling-in-Rags. The case is about to get much more dangerous.