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Mack Torson is a character in Disco Elysium.


Mack, nicknamed "The Torso" by his coworkers, is a sergeant[1] in the Precinct 41 of the Revachol Citizens Militia. He is the partner of Chester McLaine.


  • Mack Torson and Chester McLaine joke about Jean and Harry being "heterosexual life partners".[2][3]
  • According to Judit Minot, Torson and McLaine are an "iconic duo" who are not fit to run the C-Wing in the senior officers' absence.[4]
  • In a conversation which can be overheard by Harry, Mack visits Nix Gottlieb, the station's lazareth because he super-glued his eyelids shut.[5]
  • His mother made vanilla waffles for Mack to bring to a captain's birthday party.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

  • According to the Disco Elysium art book, the working title of the game was Torson & McLaine when its concept was simply a one-pager, focusing on a buddy cop duo. This early concept for the game, while abandoned early on, is referenced in Judit's mention of Torson and McLaine being a memorable pair.
  • In the original PnP campaign played by Robert Kurvitz (game master), Argo Tuulik (as Mack Torson) and Martin Luiga (as Chester McLaine), Torson was "an idiotic body builder and a major admirer of Lieutenant John “The Archetype” McCoy who was [Precinct 41's] resident mass murderer". He and McLaine lacked the self awareness that Harry seems to in Disco Elysium about Precinct 41's status as the "bloody murder station" and have no qualms with it, actively abusing their power (and other officers, such as Chad Tillbrook) without remorse, justifying it with satisfactory results. Torson was too preoccupied with thoughts about "how to get it on with the captain’s secretary and tattooing the word ‘Jamrock’ on his body hundreds of times over" to think of much else.[7]


  1. ESPRIT DE CORPS [Legendary: Success] – In the break room of Precinct 41, Sergeant Mack Torson is just now warming a grey sausage over an electric range. The oil in the pan hisses and pops. Torson is dabbing a spot off his pants when his partner, Satellite-Officer Chester McLaine enters, sniffs the air, and frowns...

  2. MACK TORSON – "Wonder if Vic's found his long lost boyfriend yet." He looks over at Chester McLaine and breaks into a laugh at his own joke. The rain falls outside.

    CHESTER MCLAINE – "Mack, they're *hetero-sexual life partners*. It's not like that," his partner smirks. "But yeah. There's trouble in paradise for that duo, Tequila Sunset has..." The sound of the rain grows so loud it drowns out his voice.

  3. CHESTER MCLAINE – "It's not like that. They're what you call *hetero-sexual life partners*. They have a battle-tested relationship. A 'bröderbund', if you will."

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Huh? Yeah." He opens his umbrella, but the wind immediately turns it inside out.

    MACK TORSON – "Hetero -- sexual. Life -- partners."

  4. JUDIT MINOT – "... get back to it. We left Torson and McLaine to run the C-Wing. It's not good."

    YOU – "Torson and McLaine?"

    JUDIT MINOT – "Mack 'The Torso' Torson and Chester McLaine --" She arches an eyebrow. "They're not fit to run a wing. Believe me. Things are shaky as it is."

    CONCEPTUALIZATION – They *are* damn iconic though -- Torson and McLaine!

    YOU – "An iconic duo I take it?"

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Yeah -- not like *us*. Two clinically depressed old men. Where's the contrast here? We're garbage."

  5. YOU – "I see your point. Might as well just get back to work."

    NIX GOTTLIEB – "Do that. I need to go. Some idiot has glued his eyelids shut with Cyanoacrylate. It *looks* like Mack Torson, but it's hard to say because his eyes are swollen..."

    MACK TORSON – "It's not fucking cryo-actilate... it's super glue, doc."

    ENCYCLOPEDIA – Cyanoacrylate *is* super glue.

  6. YOU – "I left it at his momma's after I fucked her ass all night. Tell him that."

    JULES PIDIEU – "That's a negative. Not going to say that. Over."

    MACK TORSON – "What's he saying? Share with the class!"

    JULES PIDIEU – "He... He said he sodomized your mother."

    MACK TORSON – "The prick ate momma's vanilla waffles at the captain's birthday party! Some nerve he's got..."

    CHESTER MCLAINE – "Sure her vanilla waffles were the only thing he ate?"

    MACK TORSON – "Shut up, Chester, this isn't funny. This is my mom we're talking about!"

    MACK TORSON – "Tell him to apologize right now!"

    JULES PIDIEU – "Sergeant Torson requests that you apologize for the claims you made about his mother. Over."

  7. A Policeman In Revachol by Martin Luiga