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The Man from Hjelmdall is a character in an adventure-fantasy pulp fiction series.

Background[ | ]

The Man from Hjelmdall, also known as the Hjelmdallermann, is the hero of a series of books set in Hjelmdall, a fictionalised historical region predating the nation of Arda on the Katla isola[1]. He is a muscular barbarian who implausibly dual-wields zweihänders as he cuts through necromantic armies and hordes of orkenoids alongside his blood-brother, Tyrbald.[2] His backstory involves his son being kidnapped and the Hjelmdallerman losing the rest of his family over the course of his adventures.[3]

The books are sexist,[4] racist,[5] and violent,[6] enjoyed by types like the Racist Lorry Driver. However, they are extremely popular, with over a hundred titles in the series[7] and additional merchandise such as T-shirts and roleplaying games set in the Hjelmdallermann world.[8] The series is the subject of a conspiracy theory that the Man from Hjelmdall really existed in some form.[9] Hjelmdallermen is a somewhat pejorative term for the type of guys who like the Man from Hjelmdall’s style.[10]

Books[ | ]

  • Hjelmdallermann: The Man from Hjelmdall
  • The Man from Hjelmdall and the Devil Woman
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Mammoth-Riders
  • Man from Hjelmdall: Return to Hjelmdall
  • Man From Hjelmdall and the Hjelmdall Man
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Sages at the End of the World
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the False-God
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Scorched Earth
  • Man from Hjelmdall: The Hjelmdall Colonies
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Three-Eyed Skull
  • Hjelmdallermann at the Gates of Tomorrow
  • Man from Hjelmdall in the Lost City of the Pygmies
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Necromancer's Treasure
  • Man from Hjelmdall: Lord of Wrôthgär
  • Man from Hjelmdall: The Curse of Nachtherrer
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Swamp Beast
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Snow Crabs
  • Man from Hjelmdall in Hell
  • Man from Hjelmdall and the Forest of Slaves
  • Man from Hjelmdall Under the Lake
  • Man from Hjelmdall: Hjelmdall Burning

References[ | ]

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    You: Wow... they're in trouble now.
    Hjelmdallermann: The Man from Hjelmdall: "*Nein*, Tyrbald!" the Man from Hjelmdall bellows over the army of flesh and bone. "Have courage! For the orthlands... for HJELMDALL!!!" He leaps to the mezzanine to face the black-eyed figure and like a mad ice bear whirling twin *zweihänders* — *Sturm* and *Drang* — he ploughs through the ranks of the deathless, surrounding the necromancer...
    Hand/Eye Coordination: The writer has *never* held a sword in their life, let alone two two-handed swords at the same time.
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    You: "What do you mean *us guys*?"
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