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Jean-Luc[1] Measurehead is a character in Disco Elysium.


It's goddamn Measurehead! A black-übermensch monolith guarding the button to the harbour office door. Into "science"-anthropometry based racism. Loud, eloquent if need be, antagonistic superiority attitude. Will not lower himself to your inferior level, does not *argue* and *debate* with you—he is just better in every way. Helps take the dead body down, if you know and say the right things.

Measurehead is a Semenese supremacist, with over two meters of height (2.2 m to be precise) and a disturbing muscle to body ratio. He considers himself to be the racial pinnacle of, well, everything, and his people destined to rule a Semenese superstate all over the isola. To Measurehead, the people of the Occident (whom he calls ham sandwiches or Occidental haplogroup B4) have fallen from grace after giving the world eugenics, electricity, missiles, and aerostatics, on top of other scientific advances (like race theory). He considers the stop of brutal subjugation of other cultures to be a sign of weakness and of things to come. His biological/cultural-essentialist philosophy about what people are supposed to be allowed to be and do is poorly supported gibberish, but it is entertainingly, comprehensively, exhaustively elaborate poorly supported gibberish.

Measurehead isn't all that pleased about working under Evrart Claire, due to the difference in color palettes between the gentlemen. However, Claire's professed desire to challenge what M. calls polycultural capital motivates him to exercise discipline and control himself (plus, he gets to chastise inferiors as much as he wants). Although his alignment with the nominally socialist Union might seem surprising as well, to him it's all in the service to the greater good: The ultimate victory of the Semenese.


  • Measurehead is encountered on Day 1, guarding the button that leads to the Harbour secretariat and can be a critical obstacle on the way to Evrart Claire. If dealt with, Measurehead also provides alternative solutions for pulling the body down from the tree.
  • Given Harry's state, you're in an uphill struggle with Measurehead from the start. However, if you keep him talking, you will eventually realize that you can deal with him in two ways:
    • Internalizing his racism (Advanced Race Theory is unlocked if you pass a Conceptualization Medium 10 check). Question him on his origins and don't mention that he isn't actually from the Semenese Islands for a +1 to the check.
    • Or succeeding in punching him out (Physical Instrument Formidable 13 check ). This is made easier by observing tattoos and mentioning his craniometrics are not as perfect as he thinks, requires Visual Calculus; be sure to follow it up with a 360 elaborate kick; otherwise Measurehead will grab your hand and crush it, -1 Health for you!).
      • Failing the attempt, you can try again with better chances by telling Kim "I might do it again" (Volition check) and getting fighting advice from the Scab Leader for +1 to the check.
      • Kim isn't pleased about your fistfight with Measurehead and he will ask you not to put him in situations where he'd be forced to shoot random civilians (he's not even sure Measurehead would be affected by a single bullet).

Behind the scenes[]

Measurehead is voiced by Moroccan rapper Dizzy DROS in both The Final Cut and the original version of the game.