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Return to the Whirling-In-Rags is a task in Disco Elysium. Its benign name hides the fact that it represents the climax of the investigation, in the form of the Mercenary Tribunal.

Context[edit | edit source]

Return to the Whirling after the whole Instigator debacle. Someone there has something to answer to.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This task starts after confronting Ruby, the Instigator below the FELD building. Innocuously enough, it requires Harry to get back to everyone's favorite hostel - except when he approaches the front area, he'll find the mercenaries facing off with Titus Hardie's boys. The mercenary tribunal has finally begun.
  • Before Harry approaches the Whirling, it's recommended that he is wearing the Fairweather T-500 Cuirass and equips a weapon (either his pistol or Ruby's) in the active hand. For a gun to be of much help, Harry needs to find bullets (of which there are two) in the Fishing Village. If he has the Blue Medicinal Spirit and Horrific Necktie, make sure to equip them for a special interaction and the creation of the Spirit Bomb.
  • The goal becomes to survive the mercenary tribunal and (maybe) minimize casualties. The tribunal cannot be solved peacefully. If Harry refuses to fight the mercenaries, they will begin killing the Union men.
  • If you attempt to convince the mercenaries that the Union was not responsible for the death of the Hanged Man, their leader will aim his firearm at Elizabeth Beaufort. A Logic check (Medium 11) will be presented. Succeed, and the leader will "accidentally" miss his shot. Fail, and Elizabeth will be shot and die.
  • If you talk about Joyce Messier, Shanky will run from the fight. If he doesn't, he will die later.
  • There are three mercenaries at the tribunal. Harry will engage (or be forced to engage) with them in the following order:
    • Raul Kortenaer, the gunner, foster brother of Ellis Kortenaer, and his second in command. He wears a T-500 armour without the helmet.
      • Raul can be dealt with by using the pistol to shoot him in the face (Hand-Eye Coordination Legendary 14) or throwing the spirit bomb in his face (Hand-Eye Coordination Challenging 12). Killing him will save Titus Hardie. The shot/throw can be made easier by passing various assorted checks (Empathy, Rhetoric, etc.), each of which will give a +1 bonus to whichever check is available to Harry. If Harry shoots, misses, and has found both bullets, he can try the shot again with a penalty. He can also throw the empty gun at Kortenaer, to no effect. If Harry throws the Spirit Bomb and hits, a special sequence will trigger wherein the Horrific Necktie will have one final poignant conversation with Harry. If Harry misses with the Spirit Bomb, he will have no other chance to kill Kortenaer.
    • Ruud Hoenkloewen, the "killer", with an Ister AR-FA7 and a full T-500 armour suit.
      • Ruud will try to shoot Harry, and you can try to dodge the shot with another check (Reaction Speed Challenging 12). Succeed and the bullets from Ruud's rifle will whiz by Harry. Fail, and they will strike him in the shoulder. If Harry has put on the T-500 Cuirass, the armor will absorb the shot, otherwise, Harry will lose 2 health, and must heal. If Harry doesn't have enough healing items, the player will get a special game over screen. No matter what, Kim Kitsuragi (who will always be with you during the tribunal) will fire a shot that hits Ruud in the eye, wounding him severely.
      • Following your encounter with Ruud, Kortenaer, alive or mortally wounded, will catch Harry by surprise and aim a shot at him. A Reaction Speed check (Impossible 20) will always fail, and Harry will be shot and black out. While he is out, the Hardie Boys will fight the mercenaries. Glen will die to a poorly aimed shot from de Paule, while Fat Angus and Theo will succumb to shots fired by Ruud. If Kortenaer is down, the Hardies will kill Ruud, otherwise, he survives. If Shanky did not run away earlier, he is shot to death too, while Titus loses his life to Kortenaer if the latter was not killed.
    • Phillis de Paule, the radio operator. She wears a T-500 armour without the helmet.
      • Either she or Kortenaer (if he is still standing) will sneak up behind Kim and try to shoot him as he tends to Harry's wounds. Harry is presented with an Authority check (Medium 11) to warn Kim. This check is made easier if the Lieutenant trusts you. If Harry succeeds, Kim shoots the mercenary. If it is de Paule, she dies, if it is Kortenaer, he lives. If Harry fails, Kim gets shot and is taken to the hospital, leaving Harry's side for the remainder of the case. Harry can recruit Kuuno de Ruyter as a rather energetic replacement partner for his final tasks if this occurs.
    • Either way, Harry slips into a deep sleep, where he remains for two days. His Brain and Limbic System will have some things to say to him. Eventually, Harry will awake in his room in the Whirling, wounded but alive.