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NOID – The World Spirit does not have a body. It has *organs*. Hard core is an organ of the world spirit.

Noid is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Noid is one of the three ravers found in the speedfreaks' tent, hoping to set up a futuristic music venue in the Dolorian Church of Humanity in Martinaise. His legal name is Karl Holtzmann.[1] His nickname is short for "paranoid."[2] Like Acele and Andre, he is from Faubourg.[3]

Noid is open about his difficulties socializing, and takes a while to warm up to people.[4][5] True to his name, he's a suspicious person and particularly has issues with authority.[6] He considers sound, color, mechanics, and chemistry to be among the few things he isn't suspicious of.[7] He wears earrings and other "lady-clothes" as part of his hardcore aesthetic and anti-authoritarian tendencies.[8]

He is a skilled carpenter who carries a toolbox with him.[9] He was formally trained, but left the profession due to issues with the hierarchy and rigidity.[10] He demonstrates a deep familiarity with architectural history and building critique.[11][12]

Noid's primary political affiliation is the hardcore,[13] considering himself a member of the "hard core psi-dance community."[10] He eschews politics as an "inert complex," considering the real paradigm to be economic.[14] However, he is not a capitalist, objecting to you turning Egg Head into an ultraliberal and calling "caps" suckers.[15] He thinks both the left and right take the wrong approach.[16] and that communism is a "bloodier humanism."[17] In that vein, he considers all Innocences to be thieves of the world spirit's organs,[18] Dolores Dei to have been a mass murderer[19] and humanism and her legacy to be false.[20] He is not a fan of the Coalition of Nations, referring to Coalition Warship Archer as the Big Bad.[21] Noid considers marriage and the concepts of virtue/virginity to be tyrannical,[22], religion to be false to the core,[23] and divisions like man/woman/child to be arbitrary and restricting.[24] Noid has little to say on fascism, besides also objecting to you making Egg Head one, but as a strict anti-authoritarian is unlikely to be a proponent of it.

Interactions[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. NOID - His friend hands you his papers. The name reads: 'Karl Holtzmann.'
  2. YOU - "Why *are* you called Noid anyway?"
    NOID - "It's short for *paranoid*."
  3. ACELE - "He's a Faubourger I guess, like the rest of us. Okay, maybe not Egg, I don't know about him, but Noid and the rest are from Faubourg, making the pilgrimage up north to visit The Paliseum."
  4. NOID - "I suck at socializing, man. If you go speak to Andre, I'll have time to *tune in*. Get a reading on your *sine*." Before he's finished talking, he's already turned back to his tools.
  5. YOU - "But I thought we'd be okay now -- sine-wise."
    NOID - "I'm doing what I can." He continues to rearrange his tools.
    EMPATHY - It's not easy for him. It probably took him years to get used to Andre.
  6. ANDRE - "I apologize for my friend Noid's potty-mouth. *I* realize this is not how you speak to a police officer. He has authority issues."
  7. NOID - "Oh, it'd be easier to list stuff I'm not suspicious of. I'm not suspicious of sound and colour. Mechanics and chemistry also have a trueness about them. Most anything else deceives. Wants to steal your life away."
  8. NOID - "No, it's just a vest of suspenders made to resemble a human rib cage. Plus some lady-clothes to piss off the sex-system." He points to your tie. "Now tell me about that hard core necktie. It's fucking primal."
  9. NOID - The contents of the young man's toolbox are organized in a neat, yet eclectic manner. He is constantly checking out the various tools and parts and rearranging them slightly...
  10. 10.0 10.1 NOID - He shakes his head. "I don't say much anything as a carpenter anymore. They tried to make me into a reckoner and a leveller. Made me a bit manic, y'know?"
    NOID - "I regret the time I dedicated to that profession, and that worker collective. I say things more as a member of the hard core psi-dance community these days."
  11. NOID - "A cop who's into building critique." He taps a floorboard. "Okay then. This is folk Dolorianism, lawmongerer. It's a subset of early *Dolorian* architecture."
  12. YOU - "Is there such a thing as *Ubi Dolorianism* or did I just make that up?"
    NOID - "Good catch, Art Cop." He crosses his arms. "The herdsmen of the Ubi Sunt? islands came here on the first boats. Their flowery version of Dolorianism could be what we're standing in."
  13. ACELE - "Wow. You really *have* talked to him." She smiles. "Indeed. Noid serves no master but the beat."
  14. NOID - "Nope. Politics is an inert complex of daily corruption and inane thinkpieces. The real paradigm is economic and it concerns pig and wheat."
  15. NOID - "Yes, having food is a means to an end. But the Left never talks about the end, only the means. Caps are likewise suckers, constantly sleepless in worry."
  16. NOID - "I prefer not to. Both [the left and right] ask the wrong questions. Any spark of light from either one is accidental. Their combined movement's only concern is producing enough pig and wheat for everyone -- the end goal of humanity..."
  17. NOID - "Then that's why. Communism is just a bloodier humanism, if you ask me. Has *her* love all over it." He nods up.
  18. NOID - "The World Spirit does not have a body. It has *organs*. Hard core is an organ of the world spirit." He raises his left hand.
    NOID - "This Arno van Eyck track is an organ. The carpentry and glass-cutting that built this house are also organs. She's a thief if you ask me. An organ thief. All innocences are."
  19. NOID - "I didn't know it was in here." He cracks his neck. "We have to get rid of it. Dismantle it. Can't dance with a giant *mass murderer* lookin' at you. Not a good look for the club."
  20. NOID - "Humanism leads to eating sugar and pigs. Humanism was invented to mass produce billions of humans. Billions of humans can mass produce *hundreds* of billions of pigs."
    NOID - "[Dolores Dei] liked games. Her legacy, the thing we're living, isn't *real* life. It's a strategy for some kind of victory. Against a long-dead opponent. But -- yo -- I'm only the Noid. What do I know?"
  21. NOID - "There it is, the Big Bad. Now be quick. I'll keep us aligned as long as I can."
  22. NOID - "Liked to show off large and intricate structures, arches, spires. Put you down with them. They were really into painting everything white too. Virginal shit, you know. Marriage shit. Virtue and tyranny."
  23. YOU - "What you're saying is: religion has stopped being *hard core*?"
    NOID - "It never was. A three-thousand-year-old regime of History, built by hundreds of generations of self-appointed *intellectuals*..." He looks around. "It's false to the core."
  24. NOID - "You know what I think? I think *man*, *woman*, and *child* are arbitrary divisions which serve to bind humanity to serfdom."