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It's like every time you cast a die, something disappears. Some alternative ending, or an entirely different world...

Novelty Dicemaker or Neha (formerly named Giulia al-Gindi) is a character in Disco Elysium.


A jeweler and master craftswoman plying her trade out of the converted heating furnace chimney of the Doomed Commercial Area, the Dicemaker, as her name suggests, makes a living by creating custom dice out of special materials for the roleplayers of Elysium. She deliberately chose this business, as it had far less competition than usual jewelry. She also dislikes jewelers, after her first venture, a small jewelry shop, floundered at the DCA within a year. She made a small mourning ring to commemorate it and the loss of her inheritance, then tried again and again.

She is one of the only successful merchants to survive the DCA, perhaps due to the fact that the chimney juts outside the building and the "curse" that affects those within does not extend to her. Or she just chose a lucrative market sector, with motivated clients and enough money to spare on trinkets like custom dice. Either way, she's been doing it for 14 years and it gave her a safe, secure source of income.

She has a habit of listening to the radio while she works. It passes the time, but the headphones drown out all other noises, so she's prone to just drifting away and staring out the window into the Whirling-in-Rags' back yard.


  • Meeting the Novelty Dicemaker is required to complete the Investigate Doomed Commercial Area task for Plaisance. She is located on the top floor, behind a security shutter. To get through it, you have to venture all the way down to the basement and interact with the heating furnace, then bellow into it (a Physical Instrument check). Startled, she will open the shutter and invite you in.
  • Meeting her allows you to mention her to Plaisance and blame the curse on her (or not). Talking with Nehma will result in her pointing out that the failure of the businesses at DCA is most likely due to market forces and capitalism, not some odd curse. Either way, this completes the task to Investigate Doomed Commercial Area.
    • Completing the investigation leads to a Legendary 14 Shivers White check, allowing you to feel for why her business hasn't failed. Failing the test will lead to Harry trying to take off his pants, prompting reactions of horror and disbelief from both Kim and Nehma. Passing it will allow you to realize the reason she hasn't failed in her venture: The smokestack is not the DCA, but part of an old coal plant, whose smokestack was repurposed as chimney for the DCA's heating furnace.
    • She will disagree, offering her view: That it's not a curse, but simply the effect of a precarious world we inhabit. This will unlock The Precarious World thought.
  • She can offer a bit of information about the lynching, but due to her limited view of the backyard, it's only a small part of the puzzle.
  • She will also offer a breakdown of the fates of the businesses here.
  • The Dicemaker can take a commission for a dice set from Harry, for 7.00. Purchasing a die requires waiting for several hours and can only be done once, but it will reopen white checks (this starts the task called Pick up dice from the Dicemaker). Available dice are:


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