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Open apartment door for Evrart is a task in Disco Elysium.


Evrart asked you to open the basement door behind the greenhouse in the backyard, to intimidate the occupant. Do what you have to do, Evrart has promised to give you info on the case in return.


  • You can lie to Evrart that you opened the weasel's door. However, if you want to be honest, or just don't mind giving a bit of a kick to fascists, talk to Call Me Mañana to get the key.
  • You can gain political alignment points in ultraliberal (hustle), fascist (weasel) and communist (working men). Or be boring and say none of the above. Mañana is laid back and doesn't mind either way.
  • The apartment door is for Gary's apartment, located in the other part of the courtyard behind the Whirling. You need to go around the Doomed Commercial Area to get there. To complete the task, simply interact with the door and open it, then return to Evrart. Poking around inside doesn't affect anything, except giving a different reaction from Evrart.
  • If Gary returns to the apartment you can no longer unlock the door for Evrart. When you return to Evrart, he expresses his dismay at your failure, but allows you to continue his quest lines regardless.