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Overproductive Honour Glands is a thought in Disco Elysium.



They say nameless heroes need no credit. Doing the right thing is reward enough. But deep down, an honourable man knows there will be a reward. Oh yes, the Honourable shall inherit the world, and you, Compte de Honore, will lead the charge with your thumb held high. What you need is a creed. An oath. A great oath of honour. Flex your honour glands, see if you can come up with something.


Here it is. It's titled “Honour: For the Brave” and goes: “I have no family; I make *honour* my family. I have no home; I make *bravery* my home. I have no desire; I make *dignity* my desire. I have no friends; I make *humility* my friend. I have no enemy; I make *dishonour* my enemy. This is my vow of honor -- for the brave. I am brave.“ Something like that. It's not the words that matter, it's the honour.


Requires 20m research time
  • Research:
    • -4 Drama: Dishonourable to lie
  • Completion:
    • Reputation Bonus: +25.000 honour points
    • Learning cap for Authority raised to 5

How To[]

  • Do honourable activities, refuse Bribes from Joyce and Evrart, keep your word, etc.
  • Your Authority will contact you, to perform "The Rite of Honour".