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Ozonne is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

An archipelago located in Insulinde, to the north of Le Caillou, Ozonne is a posh, wealthy region with expensive boutiques and restaurants. Fond de l'Air and Virmandeux are both citiies in Ozonne.[1] Cindy the SKULL and Evrart Claire both claim Joyce Messier is from Ozonne, though she does not confirm this. However, in her early twenties, Joyce visited Jamrock with girlfriends from Ozonne, having a "brief dalliance" with a broad-shouldered man from the area.[2][3][4]

After the collapse of the Antecentennial Revolution, Ozonne became the site of mass graves for dead communards and anarchists.[5] The bodies of revolutionary leaders Julia Dobreva and Jean Abadanaiz were later found there, having apparently committed suicide by poisoning.[6]

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – Squint first -- can you see *cities* on the islands?

    MAP WALL – You can. On Caillou -- Revachol, a single black star; on Ozonne -- Fond de l'Air and Virmandeux; on Archipelagos -- Croyant-Morain, Villiers; on Semenine -- Olduvai. And on Laurentide -- Deora Of The Seven Seas...

  2. YOU – "You're quite fond of this village, aren't you?"

    JOYCE MESSIER – [...] "In my youth I had a brief dalliance here in Martinaise. He was an older man, with impossibly broad shoulders... He's probably dead by now -- even his shack is long gone... not that it matters. These buildings are all carbon copies of one another."

  3. JOYCE MESSIER – "Hah! I think I was in my twenties actually. I'm ashamed to say I wasn't a teen anymore. It must have been my early twenties, because I remember a particularly *vile* disco track."

  4. JOYCE MESSIER – "[...] It's not like this was the only place we visited -- me and my girlfriends from Ozonne with our shiny boats, like reavers... We told ourselves we were the worst thing to happen to the coast since the Coalition landed in '08. Imagine!" She tosses her head."

  5. JOYCE MESSIER: "Indeed. They piled them in mass graves in Ozonne and, well -- that's the last anyone heard of those people."
  6. ENCYCLOPEDIA: Their remains were discovered on a beach in Ozonne in '35. Subsequent forensic analysis suggested suicide by poison.