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Ozonne is an Insulindian archipelago to the north of Le Caillou. It is populated by the wealthy.[1] Its cities include Fond de l'Air and Virmandeux.[2] Joyce Messier is stated by Cindy the SKULL and Evrart Claire to be one of its residents. Ozonne is also the location of multiple mass graves for communards and anarchists who were killed in the Antecentennial Revolution,[3] as well as where the bodies of revolutionary leaders Julia Dobreva and Jean Abadanaiz were discovered.[4]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Ozonne is an archipelago two days' travel away from Revachol. Its moneyed residents, used to posh restaurants and upscale boutiques, rarely have reason to visit Martinaise.
  2. MAP WALL: You can. On Caillou -- Revachol, a single black star; on Ozonne -- Fond de l'Air and Virmandeux; on Archipelagos -- Croyant-Morain, Villiers; on Semenine -- Olduvai. And on Laurentide -- Deora Of The Seven Seas...
  3. JOYCE MESSIER: "Indeed. They piled them in mass graves in Ozonne and, well -- that's the last anyone heard of those people."
  4. ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Their remains were discovered on a beach in Ozonne in '35. Subsequent forensic analysis suggested suicide by poison.