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Pawnshop is a location in Disco Elysium.


This pawnshop belongs to Bird's Nest Roy, who inherited it from his second aunt a few years back.

Points of interest[]

  • Just outside the door is a trash container with some gloves inside. Inside is just the small chamber with Bird's Nest Roy behind a bullet-proof glass pane. You can sell surplus stuff to him for money (including junk like postcards). The stuff he has for sale is located on the displays around the room.


  • Pyrholidon: You can investigate Roy's strange behavior with an Electro-Chemistry Challenging 12 check (made easier by -1 if you pass a passive Composure medium 11 check, -1 if you ask to sell your clothes while wearing the Horrific Necktie, -1 if you visit him after 21.00 and notice he doesn't really sleep). He will share some of it.
  • Modified Street Lamp: This item is attainable with 700 or something of equal value.