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Perception is a skill under the Motorics attribute in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

See, hear and smell everything. Let no detail go unnoticed.

Cool for: Fine Detail Detectives, Sensualists, Urban Scavengers

Perception wants you to be open to the world – with eyes, ears, and nose working at full capacity. It enables you to take in what others don’t notice. The little wad of bills hid away in the sugar bowl; the odor of a perp, hiding beneath the floor boards; the gulp of a suspect, after claiming they’ve nothing to hide.

At high levels, Perception takes in every final detail of the physical world – enough to overwhelm all but the strongest mind. However, with low levels, you are going to miss out on everything. After all, you can’t arrest what you can’t see, hear, or smell.

Stat Bonuses[ | ]

Clothing[ | ]

Thoughts[ | ]