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Perform field autopsy is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

The hanged man is down. Perform a closer inspection of his body, arriving at cause of death. This will need a form to be filled, in four parts.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • First, bring chaincutters from Kim's toolbox in the Kineema and find some gloves (optional). Yellow Gardening Gloves suffice.
  • This is a large, sprawling interaction with plenty of passive checks throughout, divided into four distinct stages. Depending on Harry's stats, you can either be a passive assistant to Kim, taking down his notes, or actively interact with him.
External examination
  • Take down the features of the victim. Drama will prompt you to omit taking down a note about the victim's boots, if you want to grab them later for the achievement. Another check will allow you to identify the age of the victim as 42, rather than Kim's rounded-up 50. A Challenging Physical Instrument passive allows you to correct Kim that his height is not 1.80, but 1.85 meters, due to the bent spine compressing him.
  • Cuno will always witness the autopsy, so you can add a little flavor to the report. Once you get to the victim's neck, Kim will ask for help. If you brought chain cutters, you can remove the cargo belt. This is a Red Physical Instrument check (Medium 11).
  • You can elect to touch the dead man's penis upon inspection, much to the joy of Cuno and Cunoesse. Kim can get creeped out if you mention a psychic reading from the penis.
  • Eventually, you'll finish it, noting the corpse's combat injuries and scars consistent with two decades of active service. Plus, clean hands, which is an oddity considering the fact that he was carried and hanged.
Internal examination
  • At the start, Kim asks about the central nervous system. A passive Medium Conceptualization check allows you to crack a joke about a moral to his story, which lightens Kim's mood (he likes that).
  • The internal examination focuses on the mouth and hyoid bone, which Kim investigates on his own. The rest of the report, including hepatobiliary analysis, toxicology, serology, is marked as N/A.
  • Cardiovascular and gastrointestinal are also quickly completed.
Description of injuries
  • The final summary. Kim lists off the injuries and you get the option to mark them as fatal or non-fatal and post-mortem. The predation marks and bruises (caused by stones at MAXIMUM VELOCITY) are both non-fatal.
  • The third, though. It's seemingly a fatal injury, but Reaction Speed (Medium passive) and Physical Instrument (Challenging passive) will pipe up noting that something's amiss. Kim notes a lack of clawing on the neck. You can point that out and a lack of signs of struggle.
  • After completing it, Kim grades your performance - and offers to bag and remove the cadaver to Processing. Bagging him dispatches the body away and removes Kim for the day. You can refuse to do so, and gain the option to perform a Perception check: A Legendary 14 White check. If you didn't establish a probable cause, it becomes easier by +1.
  • If you attempt it and fail, Kim will suggest refrigerating the body to ensure that it's properly stored and decomposing slowed down. Fridging it gives +2 to the task (see: Find the bullet before you get fooled).