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ANDRE – "Of course [being an individual is important], otherwise I'd just be another poor guy with no education and no money. General-issue, man. Now I'm all that -- *and* I have radical spikes."

Pete Andre[1] most often referred to as simply Andre, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Andre is a raver with aspirations and dreams: He desires nothing more than to establish a nightclub in the old, abandoned Dolorian Church of Humanity in Martinaise, where anodic music can proliferate freely (and where they can safely cook their drugs). His posse includes Egg Head and Noid, and his girlfriend, Acele Berger.[3] He is older than twenty.[4] Like Acele and Noid, he is from Faubourg.[5]

Andre feels like the church might be his last chance and is desperate to get it to work out.[6] However, he is pessimistic about his chances and initially believes the venture is impossible without creating a drug lab.[7] His hair, which he bleaches with a toothbrush[8] and glues into spikes, is a source of anxiety for him, as he is balding.[9] He badly wants to be taken seriously and seen as a reasonable person and leader figure.[10][11]

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References[ | ]

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    ACELE – "Must have taken it as a sign when he found it abandoned like that. Said it was an *augury*. I don't know where he got that from." She smiles. "Andre's not super intelligent..."
    ACELE - "I've never seen him so psyched about anything though -- and he's often psyched. Looked sort of desperate, like it's his last chance or something. Or maybe he was just high..."
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