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Krenel Lance Corporal Phillis de Paule is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Lance Corporal[1] Phillis de Paule is the third member of the Krenel mercenary team dispatched to Revachol to deal with the Union strike. De Paule served as the radio operator[2] while the others worked out in the open. After the death of their colonel Ellis Kortenaer, there was nobody to keep any of them in line. She and Korty continued to carry out their orders but only as a smokescreen while they made their own investigations into Ellis' death.[3][4] They went down the rabbit hole of drinking along the way, and eventually De Paule arrived at the mercenary tribunal alongside Raul Kortenaer and Ruud Hoenkloewen to exact vengeance on Martinaise.

Interactions[ | ]

  • De Paule appears during the tribunal alongside Raul and Ruud. Once the fighting starts, if Raul was killed by the player, she takes aim at Kim Kitsuragi. (Regardless of your actions, a previous shot of hers aimed at the Lieutenant kills Glen.) You'll have to pass an Authority check to warn Kim and save him.
    • She'll die as long as you successfully warn Kim.
    • If you fail to warn Kim, she shoots him and lives. She is not put in harm's way if Raul is not mortally wounded by the player.

Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. Raul Kortenaer: "You don't *know* shit. Lance Corporal, why don't you..." He turns to the radio officer on his right...
  2. Joyce Messier: "One is a man, *Korty* they call him. A nickname as well. The other a woman, Phillis de Paule. Korty is...* the gunner,* I believe. De Paule is a radio operator."
  3. Joyce Messier: "Nothing. Mr. Claire refuses to let me into the harbour. I have not been able to discuss this matter with anyone there. The remaining two Krenel contractors carry out their orders -- for now." Harrier Du Bois: "For now?" Joyce Messier: "It's a smokescreen. In secret, they are conducting an independent military tribunal into the lynching. Once this *investigation* is concluded, executions will follow."
  4. Harrier Du Bois: "Tell me again about that *muscular type* who came to investigate the crime." Smoker on the Balcony: "Oh, yes... let's see. He knocked on my door a few days after the lynching. I think he was going through the entire building, asking questions." Harrier Du Bois: "What did he look like?" Smoker on the Balcony: "Muscular. Handsome." He shrugs nonchalantly. "Strong. Like one of those military types."