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The word PISSF****T epitomizes the struggle taking place in the world, things being defined as they seem, not as they are. And -- I guess -- it's also about communal spirit, the future, and *truly* appreciating our differences. Also, you've got to admit, it catches the eye. And since the grand piper is slowly but steadily moving towards basing the economy on it -- attention -- it is imperative that the medium itself convey the message.

Pissf****t is a character in Disco Elysium. He can be found at the beginning of Day 3, admiring Kim Kitsuragi's Coupris Kineema with Fuck the World. He is an aspiring member of the Skulls.


Near Kineema, two young gentlemen wishing to introduce Martinaise to the SKULLS brand are idling away, looking at the beast of a motor carriage. It is possible to get their jackets if you succeed the red check. PF (let's call him Pissflaubert going forward) is the more poetic of the two, and has a sweet brown jacket.


  • Two bad-ass jackets and two bad-ass cops. Harry can absolutely terrorize the two wannabe gangsters, earning a pair of jackets with a Red check. Who knows, he may even get Lieutenant Kitsuragi to wear it (possible with The Final Cut).