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PLAISANCE – "*Cursed*? Who said that, Annette?" She blinks. "I will have a word with her... This place is not cursed, it has a robustly *magnetic* energy. Good for commercial activity. My business is *thriving*, sir!"

Plaisance is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Plaisance runs the book store (of crime, romances, and biographies of famous people). She's a woman in her early forties, she dons a moss green costume and little red spectacles, and the look on her face does its best to appear friendly, but yet it looks mostly disappointing.

She is an aspiring entrepreneur, keen to implement all the lessons of commerce she has learned from self-help books, and the coaching (abuse, really) received from her husband. She has a "dull mind" according to her mother too, and the combination of two most important people in her life being abusive towards her created a neurotic perfectionist of the worst kind. She tries her best to succeed, but winds up transferring her neuroses and problems to Annette, her daughter.

Plaisance is also deeply superstitious, praying to the Host of Hosts for protection of her honest business venture from the curse of the Doomed Commercial Area.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Plaisance is the proprietor of the book store and she sells most of the books in the game, as well as provides interesting interactions regarding the spooky curtain. Dealing with the curtain is necessary to gain access to the Doomed Commercial Area.
    • You can take it on as an official case, by convincing her to talk (just keep at it) and become a para-detective through a Drama Medium 10 White check (helping Annette helps with a +2 modifier).
  • Once Harry talked to Annette, he can convince Plaisance to let her daughter in, pointing out that she's nervously chewing her fingernails and falling back on her fingers.