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Ptolemaios Pryce is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Captain Ptolemaios "Ptolemy" Pryce is the head of Precinct 41 and a member of the Revachol Citizens Militia. He is 58, bald, and wears glasses.[1] He is exclusively mentioned through Esprit de Corps passive checks and in certain Endings.

Trivia[ | ]

Behind the Scenes[ | ]

  • A photograph of Pryce can be seen in various promotional images, though he does not have a painted portrait.[10]

References[ | ]

  1. ESPRIT DE CORPS - Somewhere in an office lit by a single green desk lamp captain Ptolemaios Pryce -- 58, bald and bespectacled -- is writing in a ledger on his desk. Rows and rows of days and weeks, laconic remarks in a single column: *patrol*, *case*, *vacation*, *injured*...
  2. ESPRIT DE CORPS - Somewhere under the curved roof of a former silk factory, shaped like a ladybird with two chimneys, Police Captain Ptolemy Pryce sits behind a heavy wooden desk. Resident medic Nix Gottlieb pours him a coffee. It's silent in the captain's office...
    ESPRIT DE CORPS - They speak of change. The city. The tension on the streets. They speak of the events of April and the blood on the streets in May.
  3. ESPRIT DE CORPS - "Torson?" "Yes." "McLaine?" "Yes." "Heidelstam?" "No." "Vicquemare?" "Yes." "Du Bois?" "Of course."
    ESPRIT DE CORPS - "Really?" Nix Gottlieb looks up from the list. "I hear he's quite unstable." "You say that like it's a *bad* thing," Captain Ptolemy Pryce points his pen at the doctor. It's dim in his office and the curtains are drawn. "Harry's our man, he'll pull through -- and when he does he'll side with Revachol." "Understood." Gottlieb returns to the list. "Minot?" "Of course."
  4. ESPRIT DE CORPS - Night. Captain Ptolemy Pryce steps into the yard. A piebald horse waits by the motor carriage, chewing oats out of an oat-bag. Seagulls fly overhead. The sky is black. Captain Pryce wears a black suit and a standard patrol coat as he mounts the horse to head home...
    ESPRIT DE CORPS - Rows of houses on either side, hunching over the sidewalks -- and Precinct 41 with its dome roof growing distant. Around him the streets are silent. A kid on the corner waves at the captain as he takes the turn on Perdition and Main. The horse neighs. The captain nods back.
    EMPATHY - Thanks, kid, he thinks. He's grateful.
  5. KIM KITSURAGI - "But then again..." A faint smile. "It's a legendary district. And a hell of a Station, too. It must be an honour and a curse to work with people like Pryce, McCoy, Berdyayeva..."
  6. KIM KITSURAGI - "Talk to Captain Pryce? I'd rather not ruffle the feathers of *two* captains with my doom-mongering."
    YOU - "No, I mean *investigate*. Come work in Precinct 41."
    KIM KITSURAGI - "Work *with* Pryce? A crooked smile quivers on his lips. "I'm flattered, but I don't know if I..."
    ESPRIT DE CORPS - Would fit in? Am crazy enough? Can take the stress? He doesn't know how to finish the sentence.
    RHETORIC - This truly came as a surprise to him. Not a bad one. But he's at a loss.
  7. CUNO - "What?! Bitches dream of the 41st. Why you think Cuno's *in* this shit? Word is it's fucking violent. Your captain Pryce dusted like... a thousand people."
  8. KIM KITSURAGI - "That's not true. Jamrock is too big for one precinct. You're just understaffed. And everyone respects the 41st -- you have Captain Pryce."
  9. JUDIT MINOT - "Ptolemy Pryce? He's the son of the old Pryce -- one of the founders of the RCM."
  10. Confirmation from Martin Luiga on Twitter