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Pyrholidon is an item in Disco Elysium. It is a military drug designed to treat and prevent radiation sickness, though it also has "psychedelic" side effects.[1]


A pretty little puck-shaped cap of purple liquid that can bring on anything from hot flashes to military-grade psychosis. With sufficient tolerance, however, it can make any weather feel balmy – if only for a while.


  • +1 to Psyche and -1 to Health for one hour.


  • Based on the chemical structure shown for pyrholidon in-game, its chemical formula is:
  • Pyrholidon is based on a real drug called AEOL-10150, being developed by the US-based Aeolus Pharmaceuticals. AEOL-10150 is a catalytic antioxidant, under development for treatment of the lung-based effects of acute radiation syndrome, as well as for treatment of exposure to certain chemical warfare agents.[2]
    • AEOL-10150 has a manganese-2+ ion, which has a "pale pink color". The ring structure around the manganese ion, called a porphyrin, is often "strongly colored" when complexed with metals; the word "porphyrin" comes from the Greek "porphyra," meaning "purple". Given this, the color of pyrholidon shown in-game is probably correct to real life.


  1. YOU – Pyrholidon? What is that?

    ELECTROCHEMISTRY – A drug developed by the military to treat and prevent radiation sickness. It has psychedelic side-effects. *And* it makes your eyes turn yellow!

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