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RACIST LORRY DRIVER – "Look, ace detective, I come from a long line of lorrymen. We got ancient rights and privileges..." He loses his patience for explaining it.

Racist Lorry Driver is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

A rotund man with cold, pale eyes and short-cropped hair. A lit cigarette lingers between his fingers. The man is wearing a pilot jacket, high-waist jeans and a T-shirt with an unrecognizable image. About 40 years old. Reeks of heavy motor oils and the untold deaths of numerous smokes and alcohol bottles.

The racist is a member of the Lorrymen and Carters Guild, which is supposedly not a labour union. He also wears a pair of boots with the Revachol street grid on them, a custom order to ensure anyone he stomps on know where the stomping is coming from.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Interacting with him allows you to investigate the racist mug.
  • He is also an important part of solving The Jam Mystery, where he can point Harry and Kim towards The Lady Driver's lorry after a formidable white Half Light check.
  • During the task to Turn back the wheels of time, it is possible to learn that the racist lorry driver being the way he is comes from a place of bitterness over a lack of female affection - but his defeatist, self-pitying mentality and the sense the world owes him a mate because he perceives himself to be a good guy reduces his chances of gaining that affection.

Gallery[ | ]