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"Look, ace detective, I come from a long line of lorrymen. We got ancient rights and privileges..." He loses his patience for explaining it.

Racist Lorry Driver is a character in Disco Elysium.


A rotund man with cold, pale eyes and short-cropped hair. A lit cigarette lingers between his fingers. The man is wearing a pilot jacket, high-waist jeans and a T-shirt with an unrecognisable image. About 40 years old. Reeks of heavy motor oils and the untold deaths of numerous smokes and alcohol bottles.

The racist is a member of the Lorrymen and Carters Guild, which is supposedly not a labor union. He also wears a pair of boots with the Revachol street grid on them, a custom order to ensure anyone he stomps on - likely children and puppies - know where the stomping's coming from.


  • The racist is one of the examples of why Revachol turned out the way it did. You can meet him on Day 1, and Kim will react rather negatively to the little rotund man with a small cranium. Interacting with him allows you, however, to investigate the racist mug, learn a bit about race and the world, and witness Kim deliver several takedowns.
  • He is also an important part of solving The Jam Mystery, where he can point Harry and Kim towards the Paledriver. Not getting in Kim's way also allows for witnessing how the lieutenant manipulates and twists people to get what he wants. Hint: It's glorious, sire. Then you need to deliver a Formidable Half Light White check.


  • His voice is the one of the French voice actor Pierre Maubouché.