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Reál ( ), also known as IIR or interisolary reál is currency used in Disco Elysium.[1]

It is the currency used in countries under the Moralist International's Reál Belt, and was established five centuries ago by Innocence Franconegro,[2] replacing The Perikarnassian's gold standard.[3]

One reál is divided into 100 centims. Typically, reál circulates as bank notes, while centims as coins. The notes are black in colour, and typically feature the faces of Innocences on them.[4]

Obtaining Money[]

Reál is required to purchase equipment (such as clothing or interactable items,), drugs, and to pay for a room at the Whirling-in-Rags on the first two days, until the Fishing village is made accessible.

  • The largest sum of money that must be paid is the 130 (potentially less if negotiated with Garte) to pay for damages to the room at the Whirling. The easiest way to obtain this amount is to either speak with Joyce Messier, who can give the exact amount required (allowing any extra money earned that day to be pocketed and put toward the next night's pay) or from Kim Kitsuragi after 22:00, who will eventually offer to pawn his confiscated spinners (if Kim accompanies Harry to the Pawn Shop, he will give Harry however much is needed to repay Garte, but if the spinners are pawned after Kim goes to sleep, Harry will keep the full amount).
  • When meeting with Evrart Claire, he will offer a check worth 25 that can be cashed in at the Frittte kiosk. This will cover the price of the room at the Whirling every subsequent night as well.
  • Most obtainable items can be pawned at the Bird's Nest Roy's pawnshop. The price varies, and depending on the playthrough, it's possible that some items will prove useful later on, but anything that is completely necessary is not able to be sold. Postcards are completely safe to sell and serve no purpose.
    • The Shotput Ball, for example, may be safely sold if the task Replace lost boule has not been activated. If the Red Physical Instrument Check was failed and Harry did not throw the boule into the sea, it serves no real story purpose.
    • While the Production Schedule Filament Memory can be read on a radiocomputer, it is not tied to any quests and can be safely sold afterwards for 50.
  • If the Yellow Plastic Bag Frittte! has been obtained and equipped, it is possible to pick up cans and bottles littered around Martinaise and found in trash cans. They can be traded in at Frittte's tare machine, at 0.10 each. The Hobocop thought increases the amount of money gained from collecting tare, as well as gaining access to special edition tare bottles, worth 10x as much as normal tare.
  • Money can also be earned by internalizing the following thoughts:


  1. ENCYCLOPEDIA - The IIR or interisolary reál is the global reserve currency. Whatever part of the world you're in right now, it's safe to assume he means you owe him some money.
  2. THE GREATEST INNOCENCE - Correct! Named the innocence of militarism, he codified hereditary rule -- but at the same time ended serfdom and established the interisolary reál as the global reserve currency. He also established the concept of the Nation.
  3. THE GREATEST INNOCENCE - Correct! Nothing much is known about him. It's not even clear that he was a *he*, but Franconegro presumed as such and called him Pius. He's depicted as a young man with molten gold pouring out of his mouth -- all he spoke was gold. It's said he *invented* god; and equality of men before god. He also introduced the gold standard as a way for measuring people's love for aurum.
  4. SAVOIR FAIRE - Oh, you do. You *make* money. You got gills, baby, meaning those black papers with the faces of the innocences on them. You bring in the Franconegros and the Solas.