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Reaction Speed is a Motorics skill in Disco Elysium. The quickest to react. An untouchable man.

Cool for: Shot-Dodgers, Thinkers on their Feet, Pinball-Heads

Reaction Speed is the agility of your body and mind. It is instinct. It enables you to dodge punches, knives, bullets. Also suckers punches of the verbal kind. You’ll be more streetwise, never lost for words or lacking a witty comeback. Your mental alacrity lets you connect little details on the fly, working in tandem with your Intellect skills.

At high levels, Reaction Speed makes your twitch-reflex freakishly good. However, when your body acts before your mind, innocent situations can turn bad fast. You’re high strung, overly alert. At low levels, though, you won’t be the one shooting first – which probably means you won’t be shooting at all.


Clothing bonuses[]

Thought bonuses[]