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Boring cop

Regular Law Official is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Okay, so it looks like you've got a bit of the Normal in you. A touch of the Regular. Four grams of Johnny Normalcop. Who would've thunk it? You, the extremest of all the cops! You said some pretty boring things back there and now you have two choices: you can either leave it behind and forget about it, or you can try to utilize your normalcy. Internalize it. Get a touch of vanilla back into the herring-flavoured egg and liquorice ice cream of your mind.

Solution[ | ]

You've done it, Harry! Whatever else you are, you're also *boring* now. It was *not* easy. You've spent most of your life trying to funk up every nook and cranny of your personality. When someone says something political, the first three thoughts in your head are a ludicrous hodgepodge of communism, fascism and stock tips. When they ask you why you did something, it's superstardom, apocalypse, or the *mea culpas* of a flagellant cop monk. It's not easy, reaching for the fourth option -- the normal one. But you have. And now you're not *just* crazy, you're also *boring*.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 1h 20m research time

  • Research:
  • Completion
    • -1 Inland Empire: Dull but solid
    • -1 Shivers: Strong grasp of reality
    • All learning caps raised to 3

Location[ | ]

  • Be normal and boring. Your Drama will contact you.