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Return to the Whirling-in-Rags is a task in Disco Elysium. This leads to the Mercenary Tribunal, the climax of the investigation.

Description[ | ]

Return to the Whirling after the whole Instigator debacle. Someone there has something to answer to.

Details[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for the main story follow. (Skip)

This event may be learned of in advance by hearing Joyce's info on the lynching; a group of mercenaries from the "security contractor" Krenel was sent by The Wild Pines Group to serve as her security detail, but she became unable to control them after the death of their colonel -- the hanged man behind the Whirling-in-Rags.

This task is gained automatically after confronting Ruby, the Instigator below the Feld building.

Preparation[ | ]

As Harry walks past the pawnshop, a thought orb will appear warning him of the coming danger. Inland Empire will recommend equipping the Villiers 9mm Pepperbox Pistol (or Nachtwey A80 Pepperbox Pistol depending on how the encounter with Ruby ended), or the Spirit Bomb (if Harry previously purchased the Blue Medicinal Spirit and his Horrific Necktie spoke to him[a] when leaving the Instigator's Lair). Multiple 9mm bullets can be found for use in Harry's pistol at the tribunal, and if the Spirit Bomb has not been created, are necessary for achieving a favourable outcome. Equipping the Fairweather T-500 Cuirass will also act as a failsafe if a Red check is failed during the tribunal and may also be equipped at this time.

The Tribunal[ | ]

Once Harry passes the pawnshop and approaches the Whirling, he will find the mercenaries facing off with Titus Hardie and the other Hardie boys. The tribunal cannot be solved peacefully; however, Harry can try to minimize casualties on the Union's side. Harry primarily speaks to Raul Kortenaer, who leads the group in the absence of their deceased leader, in an attempt to buy time and convince him of the Hardie boys' innocence.

Speaking to Kortenaer about the victim, (his foster brother, Ellis Kortenaer), may yield several positive modifiers that make Harry's shot/throw (a Medium Hand/Eye Coordination Red check) easier, depending on how much has been learned over the course of the investigation.

  • For the Challenging Rhetoric Red check: Choosing any option aside from "gulp and say nothing" will add a +1 modifier for "Got him talking."
  • For the Challenging Suggestion Red check: Causes him to think about his foster brother, further distracting him.
    • If Harry previously spoke to Kortenaer as the "Scab Leader" outside of the Harbour gate and heard what he had to say about Banaital in '41, it will grant a +1 positive modifier for "Distracted by memories."[1] Reminding him of this during the tribunal will give an additional +1 for "Got him doubting his leadership."[2]
    • If Harry successfully ran the number on the victim's armour and asked Alice DeMettrie to press the ICP for more information on Kortenaer, this will give a +1 modifier for "He's thinking of leaf compactor."
    • If Harry spoke to Klaasje Amandou or Joyce Messier and learned of the victim's personality, his charisma can be spoken about.[3]
    • If Klaasje mentioned the victim's blue eyes,[4] or Perception noticed his eye colour during the initial inspection of the body,[5] it can be brought up.[6]
  • Collecting and equipping the Fairweather T-500 ceramic armour and internalizing the Fairweather T-500 thought prior to the tribunal will grant a +1 modifier for "Figured out the armour."
  • Causing Kortenaer and De Paule to argue by pointing out that they're drunk and their judgement is impaired will give an additional +1 modifier for "Got them arguing."
  • If Harry tries to convince Kortenaer that the Hardie boys were not responsible for the death of the victim, he will aim at Elizabeth Beaufort. If the resulting Medium Logic Red check is succeeded, she will be spared; if not, she will be shot and die from her injuries shortly after the fight.
  • If Harry attempts to tell Kortenaer that the Wild Pines rep, Joyce, does not approve of the tribunal, Shanky will run from the fight. If he doesn't, he will be shot and die from his injuries.

Several negative modifiers may also be applied for being distracted by the thought of drinking (only if Harry has not remained sober),[7] allowing Elizabeth to get shot, failing the Suggestion check, or choosing any option to "just stand there".

If Harry shoots, misses and has found two bullets, he may try the shot again with a -2 penalty. He is also able to throw the gun itself at Kortenaer, to no effect. If Harry throws the Spirit Bomb and hits, the Horrific Necktie will transform into the Beautiful Necktie and speak to Harry one last time. If the Spirit Bomb misses, he will have no second chance to kill Kortenaer.

If Harry fails to kill Kortenaer, or does nothing, Titus Hardie will die. If Kortenaer is successfully dispatched, Titus will not die.

After the initial shot is fired (or Harry throws the Spirit Bomb), Ruud Hoenkloewen will aim at and attempt to shoot Harry. This brings a Challenging Reaction Speed Red check where he can try to dodge the first shot. If he succeeds, the shot will miss, if he fails, the bullet will either strike him in the shoulder, or be absorbed by the Fairweather T-500 Cuirass if it was equipped earlier.

Kim then fires a shot through the eye-slot in Ruud's helmet, wounding him severely. Just as Ruud is hit, Phillis de Paule shoots at Kim, but misses and hits Glen who stands behind Kim, killing him instead.

Kortenaer then aims a shot at Harry, and a second Reaction Speed Red check is presented, but is always an inevitable failure. Harry is shot and blacks out.

Fat Angus and Theo are fatally wounded during this time. If Shanky did not run away earlier, he is killed as well. If Kortenaer was killed by Harry, Ruud will die, if not, Titus will die instead.

Harry then briefly regains consciousness just long enough to notice someone -- either Kortenaer (if he was not killed), or De Paule (if he was) -- approaching Kim from behind as he puts pressure on Harry's wounds. Harry is presented with a Medium Authority Red check to warn Kim, which is made easier depending on Harry's current Reputation with him; +1 for "The Lieutenant trusts you." (>0 Reputation) and another +2 for "The Lieutenant *truly* trusts you." (>7 Reputation), or more difficult if he has zero or negative reputation with Kim, and negative modifiers will be applied to the check; -1 for "Haven't earned Kim's trust." (<0 Reputation) or -1 for "The Lieutenant *really* doesn't trust you." (<-5 Reputation).

If the check is passed, Kim succeeds in shooting the mercenary, if not, Kim himself is shot and taken to Precinct 57's infirmary, where he remains for the remainder of the case. Cuno will replace him as Harry's partner when he wakes up several days later in his room in the Whirling-in-Rags.

Outcomes[ | ]

  • It is possible for Harry to save Titus, Elizabeth, Shanky, and Kim. Saving Titus is required for the Hardie's Heroes achievement, and saving Kim is required for the Recruit Detective Kim Kitsuragi achievement.
  • Glen, Angus and Theo will all die regardless of Harry's choices.
  • Cuno is a recruitable partner only if Kim is incapacitated, but has a special achievement as Recruit Detective Kuuno de Ruyter is only available once this happens. Incapacitation may happen if the Authority check fails or succeeds and the player chooses not to warn Kim.

Notes[ | ]

  1. See the Horrific Necktie's page for details on how to "activate" the tie's voice. This must be done while talking to Garte at the very beginning of the game.

References[ | ]

  1. SCAB LEADER – Suddenly the laughter stops. "Drowned in a creek a week later. Spirits my ass."

  2. KIM KITSURAGI – "He was a good commander. I can see you miss him."

    KORTENAER – "Oh yeah, he would have commanded this fuck-hell way better than I did. But that didn't happen, because Hayseed Bill and Kipty the Kipt here..." he points to Titus and Eugene.

  3. YOU – "Listen, your Lely -- everyone says good things about him. He was a talker."

    KORTENAER – "Fuck do you mean *talker*?"

    KIM KITSURAGI – "We've heard testimony. People say he was charismatic. A nice guy to be around."

  4. YOU – "Can you tell us precisely what these mean?" (Hand her the photo.)

    KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "No thank you." She does not take it. "I've seen enough of him dead. I can tell you what they *meant* without looking at them." She pours herself some more coffee.

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Go on."

    KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "He was a blue-eyed boy with thick arms. From a small town. He was also *poor*, and the government of Oranje needed some people killed, so they turned him into a grotesque killer -- for money."

  5. YOU – Look him in the eye.

    THE HANGED MAN – His eyes are milky white and blind to the world, protruding comically from their sockets. There is no one home, just sub-aquatic terrors there.

    PERCEPTION (SIGHT) [Medium: Success] – These eyes used to be blue. Baby blue.

  6. YOU – "He had blue eyes didn't he -- your colonel."

    KORTENAER – "Baby blue, yeah... Like someone fucked up and put a baby's eyes on a grown man." He smiles, pulling his face in a strange way.

  7. YOU – "You're all drunk, look at yourselves!"

    KORTENAER – "Yes... So what?"

    ELECTROCHEMISTRY [Medium: Success] – Yeah. So what. You should be drunk too. Or, like, *drunker*. You don't want to die sober do you?