Revacholian Nationhood

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Revacholian nationhood.png

Revacholian Nationhood is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[edit | edit source]

Problem[edit | edit source]

They've fucked this place. Revachol is in ruins. The kojkos and the kipts and the armataurs with their desert pygmee magic spinning tops – they've fucked it! Oranjese liberals and vespertine moneylenders too. They're all socialists, especially the women and the kipts. You have only a vague idea what this means, but it's clear that a *good strong state* must be erected upon the ruins, if any of us are to have a future. The shadowy outlines of this State start forming every time you close your eyes...

Solution[edit | edit source]

The Revacholian State will be a serene place. (You should get a drink.) A beautiful, serene place of mystery and peace. It will not be a place for women to infect with their frailty and hysterics. Or where the Semenese will be allowed to wear their pants around their ankles. All of that will go. (Once you get a drink.) The socialist professors at the École Supérieure will be fired, the editors of Trompe le Monde will have to beg in the streets. You'll pour your beer into their begging hats and laugh. (You should get a beer.)

Effects[edit | edit source]

Requires 9h 10m research time
  • Research
    • -1 Composure: Haggard nationalist
  • Completion:
    • Alcohol gives +2 FYS
    • Nationalist dialogue options damage -1 Morale

Obtained by[edit | edit source]

  • Support Fascism and your stomach (Endurance) will contact you.
  • Inside the apartment, next to the garden.
    • Bow to the flag.
    • Believe the images on the "Colonial Mug Collection" are honest acknowledgements of diversity.