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Rosemary is a character in Disco Elysium.


Previously known as Female drunk, also previously known as Under Control. One of the Union of Moribund Alcoholics.

Rosemary was once a high school biology teacher, and married. At some point in his life he became an alcoholic and was prescribed "Torpedo," an aid for alcoholics to quit drinking. He didn't use it, and the next week he went into renal failure and had one of his kidneys removed.

In the present, he sells booze, smokes, and speed to his fellow drunks Don't Call Abigail and Idiot Doom Spiral. Despite his drug-dealing, he is unfazed by the presence of the RCM.

He began his "venture" by selling two bottles of fine liquor to the drunks, then used the profits to buy more products.


Behind the scenes[]

Rosemary is voiced by Felix Biederman, co-host of the podcast Chapo Trap House.