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Ruby, the Instigator is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for the main story follow. (Skip)

Prior to her employment with the Dockworkers' Union, Ruby worked for La Puta Madre, a crime syndicate operating out of Revachol West. While her experience proved useful for Evrart Claire and the Union, for whom she ran a drug trafficking operation, this put her in direct competition with her La Puta Madre,[2] and made her paranoid. Because of this, she dyed her hair regularly[1] and refused to tell others her name.[3]

She became acquainted with Klaasje Amandou when she arrived in Martinaise, and hoped to convince Klaasje to leave town with her, as the two both had pasts they were attempting to outrun.[4][5] However, these plans were abandoned once Klaasje's lover was killed. Ruby helped Klaasje suspend the man by his neck in order to fake lividity that would be consistent with a hanging, and accompanied the Hardie boys when they strung him up in the tree behind the Whirling-in-Rags.

Ruby had modified the shortwave radio in her lorry to coordinate shipments for Terminal B's drug trafficking operation,[6] as well as to listen in on the RCM's frequency.[7] Discovering that Harrier Du Bois (whom she believed was a La Puta Madre agent) would be travelling to Martinaise,[8] she fled to the Coastal Shack in the Fishing Village, where she planned to kill herself with the 9mm bullet she had hidden under the floorboards, but ultimately decided against it. While Harry was in Martinaise investigating the hanged man's murder, Ruby hid out under the Feld building and built a pale latitude compressor with knowledge gleaned from a former girlfriend who worked in a repeater station.[9]

Involvement[ | ]

Harry may initially learn of Ruby's involvement during The Jam Mystery if he agrees to look into the drug smuggling operation for Joyce Messier, but will not know her name until he has spoken to Klaasje. Ruby entrusted Tommy Le Homme with the key to her lorry in order to prevent it being broken into (and potentially searched) if the traffic jam began moving again while she was gone. If Harry forces Tommy to assist with the investigation, he will hand over the key so that Harry may search the vehicle, otherwise he can smash the window with the prybar.

Once Harry makes note of the number of boot prints near the hanged man's body (Visual Calculus check) and questions Titus Hardie about the extra set of tracks, Glen speaks of a prospective "eighth Hardie boy" they thought of hiring on.[10]

After learning Ruby's name from Klaasje, Harry proves his authority to Titus and makes him give up Ruby's location.

Harry looks for Ruby on the coast and asks about her in the village, where he speaks to the Washerwoman who is relatively well-acquainted with Ruby. He informs her of the bullet under the floorboards of the Coastal Shack, and of Ruby's "exit plan" if things went wrong, and she points him toward the Feld building, where he is presented with a White Shivers Check. Succeeding allows Harry to enter the basement of the building, while failing brings him back to the village to work with the Children of the Big Sea.

While on his way to confront Ruby, Harry and his partner, Kim Kitsuragi, are caught in Ruby's pale latitude compressor and physically incapacitated. Upon talking to the detectives, Ruby is shocked to learn that she has not only been betrayed by Titus, but also framed for murder by Klaasje.[11] Harry destroys the pale compressor, and Ruby puts her pistol in her mouth, believing that there is no other way out. With a successful Red Rhetoric Check, Ruby may be convinced not to shoot herself, and flees Martinaise. If the check is unsuccessful, Ruby dies. Additionally, one may fail to or end up not breaking the pale compressor, causing her to simply run away at the end of the conversation.


References[ | ]

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    RUBY, THE INSTIGATOR – "Okay, fine." She rolls her eyes. "I was into her. Klaasje was into me too, for a time, I know it -- we even fooled around once. And, yeah, after that I thought maybe we could make a go of it."

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