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Ruby, the Instigator is a character in Disco Elysium.


It's the instigator! She's hiding under the boardwalk.


  • Ruby is encountered in the FELD building underground, after passing a Shivers or Encyclopedia check on the mural outside the building, then utilizing Physical Instrument or Savoir Faire to enter it. Upon navigating the tunnels, you reach her hideout, and she attacks the Detective with a pale emitter device.
    • If you are not accompanied by Kim, the emitter will cause an instant game over.
    • While under the emitter's influence, you will take several points of Health Damage. Although the check to destroy the machine can be done at any time during the conversation, it is your only chance to interrogate Ruby.
  • After destroying the emitter, Ruby will attempt to shoot herself. A Rhetoric check is required to convince her to back down.
    • If the check is succesful, Ruby will flee, and does not show up again for the remainder of the game. Otherwise, she will commit suicide, and her Nachtwey A80 Pepperbox Pistol will be obtainable from her corpse.

Behind the scenes

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