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Ruud Hoenkloewen is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

A member of Krenel's private security force, Ruud is a powder keg of violence who "distinguished" himself in the Semenine conflict enforcing the Oranjese brand of capitalism. In his free time, he enjoyed firing mortars at random coordinates in the general direction of villages, wiping out civilians at random.[1]

Ellis Kortenaer could harness the unstable, volatile personality and keep him contained, usually with a minimal amount of violence. In one instance, he contained his squad and prevented Ruud from going off and murdering a hundred random Semenese civilians by having them kill and rape just one of them[2][3].

Known as the Killer, Ruud acts as the heavy weapons specialist of the unit and was dispatched to aid in containing the Union strike over at Martinaise. He arrives in Martinaise on the day of the tribunal to back up Raul Kortenaer alongside Phillis de Paule against the Hardie Boys and the detectives.

He has a total of 52 kills notched on his helmet: Fifty from Semenine Islands and two in Revachol.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Ruud appears during the tribunal and is almost completely inaudible, save for various profanities and what sounds like weeping coming from the full suit of Fairweather T-500 ceramic armour that covers him from head to toe. He also brings an Ister AR-FA7 anti-tank rifle along and is one of the primary challenges to take on. Wearing a Fairweather T-500 Cuirass will protect against the shot to the chest. Without it, Harry will have to dodge the shot.
  • Ruud's fate is dependent on the outcome of the tribunal. He is the only member of the mercenary team to sustain injuries no matter what (shot through his armour's eyehole by Kim Kitsuragi), disabling and badly wounding him. If each of the other mercenaries are killed (that is, if Harry shoots or burns Raul and successfully warns Kim about de Paule) Ruud is confirmed to be dead by Kim in the post-tribunal debriefing. (It is implied that he shoots at least Fat Angus before the Hardies strip him of his armour and beat him to death in this scenario). If any of the other mercenaries are not wounded, Ruud's fate is not mentioned by Kim, and it is implied that he at least escaped Martinaise.

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References[ | ]

  1. Raul Kortenaer: "He likes to fire mortars at random coordinates. Wipe out mud-huts like that. When he gets *bored*."
  2. Raul Kortenaer: "Our boy -- he's only a captain then -- but he knows how these men think. If they don't see action soon...At dawn he comes across two kipts, breeding in the bushes by the river... We shot the boy, he was useless, but the girl... she was nice. A little fat you know. But not too old. She was quite the entertainment. For the week she lasted."
  3. Raul Kortenaer: "Our colonel did what he had to do. It was either one cunt, or a hundred of them."