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Samara is an isola on Elysium.

Background[edit | edit source]

The People's Republic of Samara is a product of Revachol's sister revolution on the Graad isola, which survived on the Samaran isola. It's known as a severely degenerated rogue state.[1]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Sam Bo or Samaran boxing is an eloquently violent set of one-on-one fighting moves practised to perfection. Originating from the Samaran isola, Sambo used to incorporate a wide array of martial disciplines from archery to mounted combat, but mainly means aesthetically pleasing and drop-dead efficient single combat nowadays. Sambo style implies stealth, cleverness, and cool.[2]

Goat milk butter is a staple food of Samara. The Samaran terrain makes it easier to raise goats than cows, and the local goat farmers produce high-quality meat and dairy staples that add variety to other nations' diets.[3]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Known locations
  • Siigay, an archipelago in the Samaran isola, and part of the People's Republic of Samara. Located to the south, Siigay used to be ruled by the Apricot Suzerainty, and was once a colony of the Revachol Suzerainty until the Revolution. It's commonly considered a backwater and unpleasant place to live, in part due to Revacholian colonialism. In fact, referring to Siigay as the "Apricot Suzerainty" is considered a bit of a slur.[4]

References[edit | edit source]