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Sea Fortress is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

The Sea Fortress is a fort built by Filippe II to restrict access to the Bay of Revachol. It was captured by the communards in '02, who retrofitted the fort with a medium distance, large caliber anti-aircraft gun to defend against an airborne landing - a defensive fortification of the Commune of Revachol.

The fortress failed in its role and the landings occurred uncontested. The 114th Anti-Aircraft Division of the 4th Army of the Commune of Revachol failed.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • The sea fortress is the endgame location and arriving at it will shortly conclude the game. In other words once you go to the fortress you will be locked into the endgame. It can be broadly separated into four areas: The landing dock, the interior, the eastern beach, and the northern beach.
  • The landing dock has little in the way of visitation. The barrel outside, with the symbol of the commune, has an unique interaction if you have Kim Kitsuragi alongside. Otherwise, the only way forward lies inside.
  • Inside the ruined structure you find traces of human habitation. The disheveled bed in the observation post can be used to rest for a few hours; sleeping on the island can trigger the final dream sequence, which is well worth it (in rare cases, the UI can lock up after the sequence starts; restarting the game fixes this). Complete the dream, talking to Dolores Dei (or rather, who she represents), then continue the investigation.
    • The dream featuring Dolores Dei only occurs if the church is entered and the stained-glass window of Dolores Dei is seen; otherwise, an alternative skills-based scene plays.
  • The northern beach is locked behind the blast door. You'll need a gas canister to activate the generator that will open it. The canister is located outside, in a small, ruined bunker up the eastern beach (exit is to the southeast of the flakturm. The bunker also contains the last firing position. Enter it and interact with the bed to finally determine where the shot came from.
  • Once you pour the gas in and activate the generator, the blast door will open. You can rest here before or after talking to the deserter for the final dream sequence. Otherwise, head outside. A short distance to the north you'll find the deserter near a campfire. Talk to him and exhaust the dialogue options; you can learn that he is a murderer, learn his motive, and extract a confession. Then... You'll meet the Insulindian Phasmid. With Kim Kitsuragi, you can obtain photographic evidence of the cryptid.
  • The phasmid will offer some insight on you, the pale, and the world of Elysium. After it leaves, you can ransack its nest for a lot of items, including the missing scope for the Triangong 4-46, the murder weapon; the last piece of the Fairweather T-500 ceramic armour, the helmet; and Klaasje's passport. After you are done, simply return to the boat and return to the mainland for the final briefing with the rest of the MCU.

Loot[ | ]