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Seol is a protectionist, isolationist panisiolary state west of the Insulindian isola. It is famous for its advanced microtechnology, and for exporting it to foreign governments. Kijion Eendracht, the owner of Eendrach Airworks, is seolite.[1]

However, it's not a modern nation. Seol is an extremely protectionist isola, inaccessible to the rest of mankind for over a thousand years. It has a rigid class society, and a punitive justice system. Although Seolites can leave, most of them quickly integrate and adopt local cultures, unwilling to perpetuate Seol's own punitive, rigid cultural norms.[2]

Culture[edit | edit source]

  • Shao is what the Seolite Empire was called in the Occident, back when far less was known about the people. It was a barbarian Other, ever so mystical, on whom you could project any kind of exotic fantasy. The legend of it persists and a lot of people still think the 'Shao' is a thing.[3]

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