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Seol is an isola in the world of Disco Elysium.

The Seolite Empire is a protectionist, isolationist, panisiolary state.[1]

History[ | ]

Seol, along with Samara, may have been part of the ancient 4,000 year old Seraseolitic civilization.[2] This civilization had stone tools, as well as silk.[3]

Seol was one of the many isolas that established contact with Mundi following the discovery of the Insulinde. It is located west of the central landmass.[4]

It has maintained a level of distance from the other isolas for over a thousand years, rendering it inaccessible to other nations.[5] Because of this, it gained a reputation of exotic mystery, and the people of the Occident referred to it as the Shao Empire,[6] an unsavoury legend which still persists even in the modern day[7].

Despite its isolation, Seol appears to have been exploited and possibly even colonized by Revachol during the time of the Suzerain, as decorations of Seolite rubies, melchiorite, and lapis lazuli are presente in the noble tombs of La Royaume.[8]

During the Antecentennial Revolution, a number of Seolite officers in Revachol sided with the Suzerain, commandeering the royal navy.[9]

In modern times, Seol is one of the nations not under the Moralintern's sphere of influence.[10] Its population is suggested to be around 1 billion people.[11]

Geography[ | ]

Seol Cité may be the capital of Seol. Its temperature is not available to international broadcasting.[12]

Technology[ | ]

Seol is famous for having very advanced microtechnology, which serves as one of its primary exports.[13] The Harmon-Wowshi W02 tape recorder was designed in Seol.[14]

Culture[ | ]

Seol is said to have very strict cultural norms, as well as a rigid class society and punitive justice system,[15] which have inspired a number of Seolites to leave and integrate into other nations. These migrations, however, end up being perceived as part of a 'Global Seolite Conspiracy' by certain fascists, who believe the Seolite Empire aims to conquer the world, physically and technologically.[16]

Outside Seol, many alternative medical implements are marketed as 'Seolite' in order to appeal to perceptions of an ancient medicinal knowledge. These products include memory-improving tonics,[17] practices of traditional masters,[18] and "hope catchers".[19]

Some people also perceive Seolites as being very dextrous and skilled at manual games, particularly pinball.[20] However, this is entirely unfounded.[15]

The Seolite "Invisibles" class is a course that teaches one how to traverse any environment in the most efficient way possible.[21]

References[ | ]

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