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SIILENG – "Very cool," the street vendor nods, his eyebrows furrowed, "I admire your awareness of our intertwined histories. It's super nice of you to apologize for colonialism. But the Apricot Suzerainty is a shithole -- that's why I left."

Siileng is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Siileng is a lorry driver and Samaran citizen from Siigay, known as the "Humanitarian Aid Guy." Tasked with delivering a shipment of humanitarian aid for Humanox (one of Moralintern's operations), he was stuck in a traffic jam. Rather than idle, he opened up the truck, broke the seals, and opened a shop with cheap goods sent as humanitarian aid from Samara and elsewhere. Though cheap, he's selling them at a premium to the impoverished citizens of Revachol trapped in Martinaise.

It is not quite legal, as he's reselling humanitarian aid supposed to go to the citizens of Revachol for free; this is particularly noticeable with food packages, clearly marked Humanitarian Aid and Not for Resale, sold by Siileng at a measly 0.05 apiece...

On the other hand, Siileng desperately wants to make a proper living after 15 years of hard work, while steering clear of everything that could get him in trouble with the law.

Interactions[ | ]

  • You can question him on the humanitarian goods, and an Easy Reaction Speed check allows you to connect Siileng with the HUMANOX lorry nearby. Siileng makes a convincing performance (Medium Drama passive works) and Kim will make a note in his notepad about tracking down the supplier and investigating humanitarian aid fraud in Martinaise.
  • You can also question him on business regulations in Martinaise (none), which will result in him describing Revachol as a gossamer state, allowing you to gain points on your political alignment chart (ultraliberal, communist, fascist, and moralist), along with the usual, non-commital answer.
  • You can try to get some money out of Siileng. A white Challenging Rhetoric test allows you to compliment him and get 10 out of him (million is straight out).
  • Siileng also grants the Finger Pistols (9mm) Thought Cabinet unlock, if you pass the Medium difficulty Composure check when interacting with him. This allows you to whip out the finger pistols and gain a unique interaction. When he asks if it's "an arrest [...] or just a shakedown", passing a Medium difficulty passive Authority check adds a third option, "civil asset forfeiture".
  • Siileng is one of the informants in solving The Jam Mystery. Once pressed about drugs, he will try to weasel out of giving up information, but Kim and you will put pressure on him by stating that they will have to take Siileng down to the station to take down his notes.

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