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CONCEPTUALIZATION – Real art is dense and difficult. If it didn't feel like you had to wrestle a suicidal bear to get through it, you weren't really reading.

Book Sixteen Days in Coldest April is an item in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

The cover features a row of concrete buildings with a monochrome rainbow in the sky. It tells a rather excruciating story about two lovers during a period of ethnic unrest in Yugo-Graad. The book has been filed under psychological realism.

Background[ | ]

Written by Yekartina Dahl, this nearly 600 page book of thin pages with small and tightly set letters focuses on the Yugo-Graad riots in cold, detached prose. One memorable scene has youths overturn motor carriages and set trash cans ablaze while heavily armoured guardsmen dash in and disperse them in a flurry of baton blows. In excruciating detail, the author describes the socio-economic conditions that have brought the people of Yugo-Graad into the streets.

The Yugo-Graad Riots took place from '27 to '29, fueled by ethnic unrest and the state's repressive tactics. These events are often seen as marking the end of a brief period of liberalization known as the Yugo-Graad Spring. Like all such periods, it is frequently memorialised in art and literature.

The author's photograph is on the back cover. She can't be much older than her mid-30s in this photograph, and yet from this cover the eyes of a sad, old woman stares back at Harrier.

Uses[ | ]

  • Can be read to pass the time. However, finishing the book will damage both Health and Morale.

Gallery[ | ]