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Skills are a mechanic in Disco Elysium, determining the Cop's abilities and thoughts.


  • Skills are tied to skill checks, which come in two flavors: Red checks are single shot and cannot be retried, although they can lead to alternative positive outcomes. White checks can be retried after failing, although you need to put a skill point in the relevant skill to unlock them again. Both types of checks can be usually made easier by discovering facts tied to the case or the person you're talking to or equipping various items.
  • The initial level of a skill is equal to your Attributes. A signature skill, selected at start, receives a +1. Subsequent increases require spending skill points and are capped depending on the attributes (eg. you can only add two points on Physique skills if you have 1 FYS). Certain thoughts can raise or remove the cap.
  • Clothes, drugs, and the Thought Cabinet provide a combination of bonuses and maluses, allowing you to bridge the gap and make checks easier.


Name Attribute Description Clothing bonuses Thought bonuses
Portrait logic.png
Intellect Wield raw intellectual power. Deduce the world. FALN Pipo Pipo (+2)

Samaran Conical Hat (+1)

Flip-up Glasses The Auditor (+1)

Interisolary Dress Shirt (+1)

Kingdom of Conscience (learning cap raised to 5)

Date of Birth Generator (learning cap raised by 4)

Portrait encyclopedia.png
Intellect Call upon all your knowledge. Produce fascinating trivia. Dick Mullen's Hat (+1)

Mega-Bino's Prescription Lenses (+2)

Lonesome Long Way Home (+1 while Researching)

Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre (+10 XP and +2 real per passive)

Portrait rhetoric.png
Intellect Practice the art of persuasion. Enjoy rigorous intellectual discourse. Medal The Setting Sun (+1)

White Polo Shirt (+1)

The Suicide of Kras Mazov (+1)

Advanced Race Theory (learning cap raised by 5)

Cleaning Out the Rooms (+1)

Portrait drama rank1.png
Intellect Play the actor. Lie and detect lies. Leather Jacket Pissf****t (+1)

Party Dragon's Silk Robe (+1) Insane Mesh Tank Top (+1)

Bow Knot (+2)

Portrait conceptualization rank1.png
Intellect Understand creativity. See Art in the world. Saramirizian Lounge Jacket (+1)

White Satin Shirt (+1)

Actual Art Degree (passives heal +1 Morale and give +10 XP)

Advanced Race Theory (+1)

Portrait visual-calculus rank1.png
Visual Calculus
Intellect Reconstruct crime scenes. Make laws of physics work for the Law. Neat Office Shades (+1)

RCM Commander's Jacket (+1)

Some kind of Superstar (learning cap raised to 6)
Portrait volition.png
Psyche Hold yourself together. Keep your Morale up. Eight-Eyed Teratorn Tie (+1)

Fairweather T-500 Cuirass (+1)

Caustic Echo (+1 while researching)

Kingdom of Conscience (learning cap raised to 5)

Magnesium-Based Lifeform (+2)

Portrait inland-empire.png
Inland Empire
Psyche Hunches and gut feelings. Dreams in waking life. Sunglasses Sub-Insulindic Rendezvous (+1)

Horrific Necktie (+1)

Eight-Eyed Teratorn Tie (+1)

Cleaning Out the Rooms (+1)

Cop of the Apocalypse (learning cap raised to 6)

Motorway South (+1)

Portrait empathy.png
Psyche Understand others. Work your mirror neurons. Army Surplus Winter Scarf (+2)

Mesque Banger's Red Brogues (+1)

Jamrock Biker-Cop Sunnies (+1)

Pinball Maker's Coat (+1)

Ace's High/Ace's Low (+1/+2 with Kim)

Inexplicable Feminist Agenda (+1)

Portrait authority.png
Psyche Intimidate the public. Assert yourself. Fairweather T-500 Greaves (+2)

RCM Lieutenant's Cap (+1)

Finger on the Eject Button (+2)

Inexplicable Feminist Agenda (+2 towards men while researching)

Overproductive Honour Glands (learning cap raised to 5)

Portrait esprit-de-Corps.png
Esprit de Corps
Psyche Connect to Station 41. Understand cop culture. RCM Commander's Jacket (+1)

RCM Patrol Cloak (+1)

Disco-Ass Blazer (+1)

Ace's High/Ace's Low (+1)

Detective Costeau (+1)

Portrait suggestion.png
Psyche Charm men and women. Play the puppet-master. Signal-Blue Naval Coat (+1)

Interisolary Suit Jacket (+1)

Cleaning Out the Rooms (+1)

Finger on the Eject Button (+2)

Finger Pistols (9mm) (+1 while both hands empty)

Some kind of Superstar (learning caps raised to 6)

Portrait endurance.png
Physique Take the blows. Don’t let the world kill you. FRITTTE Plastic Rain Coat (+1) Volumetric Shit Compressor (unlocks white checks, learning cap raised to 4)
Portrait pain-threshold.png
Pain Threshold
Physique Shrug off the pain. They’ll have to hurt you more. FALN Faln Windbreaker (+1)

Mesque Banger's Silk Scarf (+1)

Fairweather T-500 Cuirass (+1)

Anti-Object Task Force (+1)

Guillaume le Million (+1)

Rigorous Self-Critique (learning cap raised by 6)

Portrait physical-instrument.png
Physical Instrument
Physique Flex powerful muscles. Enjoy healthy organs. FALN Modular Track Pants (+1)

T-Shirt Man From Hjelmdall (+1)

Coach Physical Instrument (+2)
Portrait electrochemistry.png
Physique Go to party planet. Love and be loved by drugs. Fingerless Gloves (+1)

Flare-cut Trousers (+1)

Pour L'Homme Labourer Jeans (+1)

Shades of Self-Destruction (+1)

Party Dragon's Silk Robe (+1)

Some kind of Superstar (learning cap raised by 6)
Portrait shivers.png
Physique Raise the hair on your neck. Tune in to the city. RCM Patrol Cloak (+1)

Polar Anorak (+1)

Scented Scarf (+1)

T-Shirt Man From Hjelmdall (+1)

The Bow Collector (+3)
Portrait half-light.png
Half Light
Physique Let the body take control. Threaten people. Fairweather T-500 Helmet (+1)

FALN Faln Windbreaker (+1)

Leather Jacket Fuck the World (+1)

FALN Ultra Series Gloves (+1)

Itchy Pants (+2)

One More Door (+1)
Portrait he coordination.png
Hand-Eye Coordination
Motorics Ready? Aim and fire. Pinball Maker's Coat (+1)

FALN Arrower Shirt (+1)

FALN Ultra Series Sneakers (+1)

Bringing of the Law (Law-Jaw) (learning cap raised by 6, automatically succeed at passives)

Fairweather T-500 (+2 vs. enemies in armor)

Portrait perception.png
Motorics See, hear and smell everything. Let no detail go unnoticed. Amphibian Sports Visor (+1)

Franconigerian Cavalry Boots (+1)

Apricot Chewing Gum Scented One (+2)

Col Do Ma Ma Daqua (+3)

Lonesome Long Way Home (learning cap raised by 5)

Searchlight Division (+2)

Portrait reaction.png
Reaction Speed
Motorics The quickest to react. An untouchable man. Orange Bum Hat (+1)

Royal Carabineer Pants (+1)

FALN Ultra Series Sneakers (+1)

Finger Pistols (9mm) (+1)
Portrait savoir-faire.png
Savoir Faire
Motorics Sneak under their noses. Stun with immense panache. Oversized Superstar Sunglasses (+1)

FALN Modular Track Pants (+1)

Detective Costeau (+1)

The Fifteenth Indotribe (learning cap raised to 6)

Portrait interfacing.png
Motorics Master machines. Pick locks and pockets. Yellow Gardening Gloves (+1)

Fairweather T-500 Gauntlets (+2)

Arno van Eyck (+1)
Portrait composure.png
Motorics Straighten your back. Keep your poker face. Dynamic Winderbreaker Surf (+1)

Polar Anorak (+1)

Regular Black Jeans (+1)

Green Snakeskin Shoes (+1)

Some kind of Superstar (learning cap raised to 6)