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Smoker on the Balcony is a character in Disco Elysium.


The smoker is the scion of an immigrant family that left Kedra for Revachol.[1] Although the family has fallen on hard times, the Smoker has managed to pursue an university education in fine arts.[2] His biggest success thus far is becoming the lover of a prominent Moralintern official, whom he simply calls his Sunday Friend.


  • Found on the balcony of Capeside apartments, the Smoker can be talked to from the back courtyard. Tracking him down to get his version of the lynching requires gaining access to the apartments themselves. The Smoker will be of little help, although he will lead you to his much more informative Sunday Friend.
  • When asked about the hanging, he will, however, tell you that another man - a large, muscular fellow - already asked about the hanging. This is worth 5 XP.
  • Once you exhaust your options while talking with him at the balcony will make him leave. You can pass a red Medium 10 Suggestion check to try and convince him to stay. He won't, but he will give you a sign that will point to the stone next door and the key hidden underneath, that will open a door into the apartments.
  • He will reappear once you make it into the Capeside apartments. Passing a Composure check when talking to him the following day will unlock the Homo-Sexual Underground thought. Acting confused about Harry's sudden attraction to the Smoker will also amuse Kim.


  • If you watch his speech bubbles, he says his "clients" are all friends. His "Sunday Friend" is actually a client. It is strongly implied that he is a prostitute.


  1. Sunday Friend: "Ah, my friend. My friend is a good young man. His familiy immigrated here from Kedra and life has not been easy for him. But he understands the importance of education. He has taken his future into his own hands and that's all that matters."
  2. Sunday Friend: "He's deeply enmeshed in the study of the fine arts, yes."