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Smokes Tioumoutiri is an item in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

These cigarettes smell unusually sweet. Each one is adorned with the silhouette of a boy in a cylindrical cap.

Uses[ | ]

  • One of the four types of Drugs. Grants a +1 to Intellect at a -1 to Health for 1 hour. The Boiadeiro thoughts doubles the Intellect bonus.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Tioumoutiri feature an "insane amount" of tar compared to other brands, such as Astra or Drouin.[1]
  • The tobacco picker boy depicted in Tioumoutiri's logo wears a kofia hat.[1]

References[ | ]

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    ENCYCLOPEDIA – Oh, you do! The butts you saw had a silhouette of a boy wearing a kofia hat -- a tobacco picker. This boy is the Tioumoutiri brand logo. Contemporary Revacholians prefer Drouin (a local blend from the southern islands) or Astra, a legendary cigarette from Graad. Tioumoutiri is favoured by older men who like its old fashioned paper filter tips, insane amount of tar and the sweet smells of colonialism and halva.