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Soona Luukanen-Kilde is the former lead programmer of Fortress Accident and RSA Radios. She has over 16 years of programming experience and is proficient in both Vox and Orbis languages.



Soona's last name, Luukanen-Kilde, may be inspired by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, a Finnish physician who wrote and lectured on parapsychology, ufology and mind control.

Notes and references[]


Where is Soona? She did not appear on day 3 or 5. Is it a bug?

To get Soona to show up do the following

  1. First stand in the circle in the middle of the church (it creates silence and is surrounded by water bowels)
  2. This will cause Tiago to appear
  3. After his conversation go over to the radio computer and use it
  4. Attempt to login with the password that you do not know
  5. close out of the radio terminal conversation
  6. Go talk to Tiago again and he will give you the password
  7. Login to the terminal
  8. Soona will appear after you Print out the data in the filament