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Speak to the assault victim is a task in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Go upstairs and knock on the door no #3 to talk to the supposed victim of the hanged man. See what she has to say to you.

  • Find Klaasje so you can question to her.
  • Get Klaasje's version of events, tactfully.
  • Confront the Hardie boys with what Klaasje told you.

Details[ | ]

  • Harry can find the assault victim in her room on the second floor of the Whirling-in-Rags; room #3 on the far right, closest to the stairs. Klaasje Amandou herself can be found up another flight of stairs, on the roof outside her bedroom.
  • Should Harry choose to inspect her room, he can find (and confiscate) Speed Saint-Batiste 'PREPTIDE!' from Klaasje's medicine cabinet. Whether the speed is taken or not, she can be questioned about the contents of the cabinet.
  • If the task Who made the call reporting the crime? is active, Harry is able to question Klaasje about it, who reveals that she was the one who made the call.
  • If the field autopsy has not yet been performed on the hanged man, Klaasje will be less willing to discuss the victim, prompting the acquisition of the Question Klaasje about the dead man task.
  • Klaasje insists that she wasn't sexually assaulted by the victim, directly contradicting testimony told by Titus Hardie. Returning to him and telling him this will complete the task.