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Spectres of Hope is an achievement in Disco Elysium.

How to Obtain[ | ]

  • Apply the Cyanotype filter.
  • Now, with the filter still applied, look for the fragments in the four settings.
    • Ace's High is in the Pawnshop.
    • The Future Dual Commissars is in the Capeside Apartments, in the communist's apartment
    • Long Live The Workers is in the Union Office
    • Communard Cheers is in the Underground Reading Room. Note that this may be bugged and the fragment may not visually appear. You can find the fragment by dragging your view to the top right corner.
  • While hovering over the fragment with your mouse, scroll to zoom in (or out) and the fragment will be collected.
  • Assemble the four fragments into the photograph.
  • Use the camera button on the top of your screen.