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Split a 'kilo' with Cuno is a task in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Enter flat #12 in the Capeside apartment building and get Cuno's speed. Sharing it with him will cement your friendship. And who knows what secrets it will lead to?

Details[ | ]

  • The task is received from Cuno after inquiring about drugs. He will ask Harry to retrieve speed from his father's apartment.
    • If Kim Kitsuragi is present, he will ask Harry's intentions. Harry can tell him that he intends to confiscate the drugs from a minor, which will prevent a loss of reputation (even if lying).
  • Inside the Capeside apartments in apartment #12, there is a door is fastened with a chain. Chaincutters found inside Kim's Coupris Kineema can be can be used to open it with a White Interfacing check, which may be retried immediately afterward if failed while Kim is present.
  • The speed bottle is found on the desk inside of the apartment. If Cuno's father is interacted with, Harry is also able to discuss Cuno's home life with him once he returns, as well as his legal name (Kuuno de Ruyter) which can be found on his homework (requires high Perception).

Notes[ | ]

  • If drugs are confiscated from the Pigs (in Confront the Pigs and get your gun back) and then relinquished to Kim Kitsuragi when asked for them, he will also take the speed previously taken from Cuno's apartment.[1] It is recommended that this task either be fully completed before this encounter, or started after retrieving the gun for this reason.
  • Regardless of whether the choice is made to "split" the speed with Cuno, the Speed Bottle will still retain the same number of uses either way.

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – Confiscate the narcotics. (Wink!)

    THE PIGS – You take the phial of pyrholidon and the bottle of speed. As evidence, obviously.

    KIM KITSURAGI – The lieutenant coughs. "You're taking those, are you?"

    YOU – "Fine, you take them then."