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The Stas-Rajko KK-2 is a type of vehicle.

Background[ | ]

A classic Graad-made vehicle,[1] the KK-2 is a personal motor carriage built by the Stas-Rajko company of Zsiemsk. Built like a tractor and actually used like one in Graad,[2] it is a rare sight in Revachol due to an unpleasant dispute related to the Zsiemsk community in Revachol. Stas-Rajkos are typically painted blue-and-white, to honor Zygismunt the Great, an ancient Zsiemsk ruler. A Revacholian driver purchased a KK-2, repainted it to suit his taste and was promptly murdered by a mob of Zsiemsk emigres, ran over with his own carriage. It was called an honor killing, Hussar-style, and the trial of the murderers attracted mass protests involving a total of 4,395 protesters, making it the fourth largest public protest of a criminal trial in Revachol. The killers were eventually sentenced to four years in Reunion. Their remorse knocked eight years off the sentence and the courts were anxious to keep the costs of overcrowded prisons down to a minimum.[3]

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – Who drives these?

    ENCYCLOPEDIA – Not many people outside of Graad – and Revachol West too, it appears.

  2. YOU – Hold up. Is this a tractor?

    ENCYCLOPEDIA – Yes, built like a tractor. And used as one too in the Zsiemsk countryside! Take note of the Eight Antler emblem, the symbol of the Stas-Rajko. Proudly born to honour its humble roots.

  3. YOU – Hold on, maybe I can impress him -- do *I* know what happened last time?

    ENCYCLOPEDIA – No. Only that the motor carriage is typically baby-blue, the colours of Zygismunt the Great, an ancient Zsiemsk ruler. His banners were famously zaffer and white: the colours of the Stas-Rajko.

    YOU – "Let me guess what happened last time, Kim: Blue and white are the colours of Zsiemsk. Someone painted it, got a Zsiemsk mad, and boom -- murder happened."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "That's... Well, yes. Exactly it, more or less. Except it was a crowd of them. Tore him out of the vehicle and ran him over with his own tyres."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "They said it was an honour killing. Hussar-style. The Zsiemsk community protested the trial, flying the colours." He shakes his head. "Five thousand came to protest."

    ENCYCLOPEDIA – Correction: four-thousand-three-hundred-and-ninety-five. The fourth largest public protest of a criminal trial in Revachol.

    YOU – "What'd they sentence the killers to?"

    KIM KITSURAGI – He studies his reflection in the car window. "Four years for murder in Reunion."

    KIM KITSURAGI – The lieutenant shrugs. "The perps were remorseful. Their *sorry* knocked eight years off the sentence. That's the system."

    LOGIC – The prisons in the Greater Revachol Industrial Harbour are already full. Prisoners are expensive to maintain. The longer the sentence, the larger the cost.