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Steban, the Student Communist is a character in Disco Elysium.


Steban, pseudonym: Nasteb Encalada-Bernal,[1] is a student of Cultural Studies at the École Normale de Revachol.[2] He and Ulixes are the most devoted members of the materialist reading group in Martinaise.[3] Though their intensity and rigor have driven the other members away.[4] The two also wrote an article about the TipTop Tournée from a Critical Mazovian perspective for La Fumée magazine.[5][6]

His appearance,[7] accent, name, and possession of the Saramirizian Lounge Jacket all seem to suggest he is of Saramirizian origin, though this is not certain. He and Ulixes also appear to enjoy Saramirizian coffee.[8]


As with Ulixes, Steban considers himself an infra-materialist.[9]


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