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Supramundi is a country on the Mundi isola.[1] Historically, Supramundi acted as a vassal of the suzerainty of Revachol and provided Revachol with magenta cocaine.[2] Supramundi was also one of the 21 Mondial nations to immediately accept Dolores Dei's innocentic rule, even before her crowning.[1] Supramundi is a conflict corridor with a reputation of not reporting atrocities that take place on it's soil.[3] Supramundi experiences dust storms that will blow over into Kedra.[4]


  1. 1.0 1.1 ENCYCLOPEDIA: As did we all. The lands of Mesque and the Occident and even far-away Supramundi -- altogether twenty one of the fourty Mondial nations at the time -- immediately accepted innocentic rule. Even before her crowning.
  2. SUZERAINTY: THE BOARD GAME: In the centre is the crown of Revachol. Radiating outward are her colourful vassals, each one supplying some raw material desired by the suzerain... SUZERAINTY: THE BOARD GAME: Apricots from Safre, archaeological treasures from Ile Marat, sugar from the Seminine Islands, and magenta cocaine from Supramundi and Saramiriza...
  3. JOYCE MESSIER: "Yes. All the good conflict corridors: Supramundi, Yeesut, the Semenine islands. Countries that don't have a great record reporting *atrocious* military conduct on their soil."
  4. SUNDAY FRIEND: "It's warm," he nods. "It's also known for it's mandarin trees and dust storms from Supramundi."