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Sur-La-Clef is one of the great nations of the world.


Originally the Kingdom of Suresne, Sur-La-Clef had a long and storied role in the history of the world. It is here that Innocence Dolores Dei came to power as the chief advisor to Queen Irene the Navigator[1]. Sur-La-Clef was also responsible for opening the Insulindian archipelago for colonization, three hundred years ago, and was the original owner of the city of Revachol. By the Current Century, it's a modern, urbanized country ranking high on the Human Development and Freedom index, a leading member of the Coalition, and the executive heart of EPIS.[2]


Sur-la-Clef is one of the founding members of and hosts the headquarters of the major EPIS institutions. The nation focuses on the business side of things.[3]


Meat balls and mashed potatoes are popular dishes in Sur-La-Clef. It's also popular in some parts of Revachol, primarily those with stronger ties to its original colonizing power.[4]


  1. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Many things. You know she was a woman of the court, the wife of an influential *marchese*, and eventually the principal advisor to Irene La Navigateur, Queen of Suresne (modern day Sur-La-Clef).
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  3. SUNDAY FRIEND - As founding members they are *both* very EPIS. Oranje carries a lot of political weight, while Sur-La-Clef takes care of the business side of things -- Sur-La-Clef hosts the headquarters of the major EPIS institutions.
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