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Take on la Responsibilité is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

Things down here are a *mess*. Someone really ought to do something about it. First, though, you and some other moralists should probably form a committee to decide whose job it is.

Walkthrough[ | ]

Prerequisites[ | ]

Kim likes you. Have seen Sunday Friend already. Have opened Ruby's truck (The Jam Mystery) or gained access to the Harbour secretariat or have 150 to purchase from the Pawnshop. Decent Logic and Heroic Empathy Skills. Completed the 2mm hole quest in the church, pass Logic test with Soona for the theory. Need Jamais Vu and knowledge of the Pale. This is best done by talking to Joyce. Able to survive at least one hit to morale and health.

  • Follow enough moralist/centralist threads throughout the game to get the Political Thought Quest to start. This usually happens start of Day 4.
  • Evoke the thought of centrism in the sleep and accept it. In a dream, choose the line “We’re making progress. Measured, steady progress… [Pursue thought.]"
  • Moralists generally choose the centrist, "none of the above" answers to political questions, or "I have no political thoughts on the subject". It pairs well with boring cop, if you're going for that achievement too.

Steps[ | ]

  • Ask Kim about la Responsabilité.
  • The Smoker on the Balcony (who is now in the Whirling-in-Rags) - ask him about Sunday Friend.
  • Talk to Sunday Friend on the Coast, next to the building on the very South West of the map, south of the cryptozoologists, west of the drunk men - the building with the bulletholes sign and little abandoned stalls to the west. Sunday Friend is on the west side of this building by one of the stalls, and you have to do a loop around it to get to him.
  • Sunday Friend asks you to find someone with technical knowledge to contact a giant airship, that is watching over everything, Big Brother style.
  • Alternatively, if you have not yet met the Sunday Friend by the time you accept the quest, you can speak with Trant Heidelstam to learn more about the Moralintern. He will be located where he always is, at the front of the FELD Building. He will tell you to find someone with technical knowledge to contact the ship as well.
  • Ask Soona or Noid in the church to help you contact them.
  • Collect a radio transceiver: buy the Highly Expensive Transceiver from the Pawnshop for 150 or loot either the Perfectly Adequate Transceiver from the radio in the Harbour secretariat or the Highly Advanced Transceiver from Ruby’s truck. The Expensive and Advanced transceivers provide a +1 bonus to one of the Interfacing checks while contacting Archer.
  • Return to Soona or Noid and contact the airship, you can not save past this point so make sure you have the correct gear equip for the final Empathy check that you need to pass.
  • There are a few passive checks but you can fail these and still go, if you have alcohol you can pour it on the wires but it doesn't help the signal.
  • You can fail the Godly Interfacing red check - without being locked out, only suffering damage to health if you fail the Impossible Pain Threshold passive check.
  • You have to select "Listen, I really need to reach the Committee of Responsibility" dialog option before the radio signal is lost and you will have to start over. You can ask 3 questions before being locked out of the alternate ending but be careful as they are just informational and not important to proceeding.
  • To get the achievement, successfully tell the airship about the 2mm hole by passing the Heroic Empathy red check and selecting the "Damn it, there's no time to explain! You better write this down..." dialog option. Select the "Yes, I've also discovered an entroponetic phenomenon here in Martinaise". Answer Coalition Warship Archer's questions until you get to the dialog option to Board the aerostatic. This is an alternative ending.