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Talk to Garte, lieutenant Love is a task in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Garte + Sylvie = ?? Something's going on here. You need to help a brother out with his love-woes. Go to Garte and give him some solid advice. Tell him how it *is* with women.

Details[ | ]

  • This task opens if the Empathy check during the phonecall with Sylvie Malaìika is failed. Talk to Lawrence Garte,[1] and after the conversation is finished he will hand over a bottle of Commodore Red.
  • Completing this task will also open a unique dialogue option if Harry fails the Rhetoric check with the Hardie boys.[2]

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – "Turns out she's a whore who likes to ride the cock carousel."

    YOU – "She rides the cock carousel until she's too old to ride it. Then she settles down with a *provider*."

    GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – He realizes something. "Does it mean you talked to her? What else did she say about me?"

  2. RHETORIC [Godly: Failure] – Klaasje is playing them like a fiddle -- tell them how bad they got played and they'll tell you the truth. There are many ways to go about it -- all of them *really good*.

    YOU – "The same thing happened to my friend Garte over there. A chick tried to make him part of her cock carousel."

    TITUS HARDIE – "The fucking what now?" He points to Garte. "You mean the barman?"

    YOU – "That is unimportant. Focus on the words *cock carousel*."

    EUGENE – "Yeah, we're all very focused. What does it mean?"

    YOU – "Cock carousel."

    TITUS HARDIE – "Yeah yeah, cock carousel. I hear the goddamned *word*. What are you saying?"