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Tasks are Disco Elysium's equivalent of quests. Tasks are added to your journal as they are encountered and many will become available to complete as the game progresses. Not all of them will be available at any given point, or even possible to be completed in one playthrough. Some are time-sensitive (usually indicated by a clock icon), and must be completed within a certain timeframe.

All completed tasks will award EXP, even if it was not activated beforehand.

Be sure to complete all tasks you wish to see through before proceeding with the following, as there are two major cut off points for solving side tasks:

  1. Finding Ruby beneath the Feld building will lead to a major event that will close off all cryptozoologist and harbor-related tasks.
  2. Travelling to the Sea Fortress will lock you into the endgame.

Investigation tasks[ | ]

Identifying the Body[ | ]

The Shot[ | ]

Finding the Instigator[ | ]

Finding the Shooter[ | ]

Personal tasks[ | ]

Equipment[ | ]

Drugs[ | ]

Identity[ | ]

Vision Quest[ | ]

Side Tasks[ | ]

Union[ | ]

Doomed Commercial Area[ | ]

Elderly Gentlemen[ | ]

Land's End[ | ]

Cryptozoologists[ | ]

The Final Cut Exclusive[ | ]